Looking Good Feeling Good: Appearances And First Impressions..

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Even though some people see it as a sad truth, how you look really matters in life for lots of reasons. However, another truth is that everyone can look good and for many people, looking good translates to feeling good. Just like that, your self-esteem rises when you feel you look good, it gives you a real boost in confidence.

Appearance may not matter in the way you think, but it definitely matters in how you think about yourself. This is not about going under the knife for face lifts and tummy tucks, its more about just taking some time for yourself.  Especially for some woman as they age they let themselves go.  They don’t get regular hair cuts, they don’t style their hair and I have even seen woman who barely wash their hair. They let themselves get overweight and then bemoan they have nothing nice to wear.

They stop wearing make-up.  I am not suggesting you plaster on the makeup, we have all seen those older women with plastered on make-up and bright red lipstick.  A light amount of makeup and a more soft toned lipstick can enhance most women’s features.

Let’s not leave out the men.  Some men also just let themselves go, they get very over weight, they take no interest in their clothes and they let hair grow in their ears and nostrils. Not pleasant to look at.

Beauty Is Not Evil And Should Be Accepted By You

As adults, we all must understand that beauty is NOT evil. It is not bad to look as good as you can. One of the best reasons why trying to look your best is that usually to do this you start with caring for your internal health. So, daily exercise and good nutrition are important factors in having a healthier body and skin. Likewise, having glowing skin will make you feel great.

Sadly, Your Appearance Dictates How You Are Going To Be Treated

This may sound controversial or overly narcissistic. However, appearance matters and it is a fact of life. Still, you don't need to look like a supermodel to be liked, right?

Instead, your appearance should lie in the way you present yourself and how other people perceive you. For instance, if you are nice clothes that are wrinkle free with clean fingernails, great skin and neat hair, you simply get treated better. When compared to a person wearing baggy sweatpants, a tattered shirt and dirty nails and hair, appearance can matter and get you closer to your goals in many aspects of life.

As we get older we have all been treated like we don’t exist, not a fun way to be treated.  Women seem to suffer from this more than men. Looking great is the first step to being treated well as we age.

From this, we can all learn that appearance matters. However, it doesn't matter so much that you must be in designer clothing or visiting stylists 24/7 to be taken seriously. Instead, it matters in your own way – in the way of being presentable as opposed to not caring about how you look. This sends the right message to people, telling them that you respect yourself and you expect to be treated with respected.

Why Would People Give A Damn About Your Appearance?

In a perfect world, we would all dress ourselves the way we wanted. Someone could walk around naked and it would be normal.

However, the fact is that we don't live in a perfect world – and that there are both written and unwritten rules in our society that can affect the way people see us.

I am sure you have heard that you have only 3 to 7 seconds to make a first impression and then after that first impression, it is very difficult to change their mind.  So best to make the first impression that you want to be perceived by.

The way you are perceived by others before you open your mouth depends mostly on the physical signals that you send with your appearance. Speaking of which, your appearance matters in real and fundamental ways that affect your life – from how people greet you to whether or not you are going to be harassed while out in the world.

The following rules pretty much sum up the idea of looking good (for feeling good):

  • Looking good is the primary instrument in creating a positive first impression
  • Looking good can increase your status among your peers
  • Looking good gives you confidence and self-esteem
  • Looking good usually means you take care of yourself including your health so this is a great benefit.

So, looking good matters a lot and it should matter to you too. Below, we are listing some of the best tips to look good.

The Best Tips To Look Good, Feeling Good As An Adult

If you want to look and feel good, the best way to do that is the natural way. These tips (in addition to all the ones listed in this blog post) will help you make most of your appearance and impress everyone:

  • Ditch The ‘Toxic Offenders': From the processed foods that you buy to the fast food that you eat and the chemical products that you put on your skin, it's time to say goodbye to each one of them and create a habit of buying 100% natural products only.
  • Quit Drinking And Smoking: Alcohol and cigarettes are the biggest enemies to aging and certainly deliver a bad impression. A glass of wine or one beer will never hurt you, but it's time to get serious about quitting drinking and smoking.
  • Maintain A Positive Attitude – The stress of life is usually written all over our faces. However, it is us who decide how we are going to deal with it. They say that people with positive attitudes get to enjoy life more – and it's true. So, make sure to put a smile on your face and consider yourself blessed with what you have.
  • See What Looks Best On You – Work out what looks good on you. For example, short people usually wear stripes to make themselves taller or high boots to add an inch or two to their height. Same goes with tall people, people with extra pounds etc. There are a lot of larger shopping centres these days that have image consultants who can help find the right styles for you.
  • Take Care Of Your Body – Exercising, eating healthy, communicating with people and building strong relationships are also ways to look good and feel good. Your body and mind are your biggest assets – so why not use them to present yourself in the real light?

So, it's true that looks matter in many situations. If you look good, you will feel good – and there is no person that doesn't want to feel their best.

Rosemary Richards