Qualia Life Review: How Good Is This Nootropic?

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Qualia Life is a health supplement in the nootropics category, also known as “smart drugs.” These supplements enhance cognitive performance by improving creativity, memory, motivation, and attention.

Everybody wants to grow up until they discover the pains of growing old. Aging usually entails losing your good looks, grappling for mental acuity, and saying goodbye to the core body strength you had in your youth. Even though aging is inevitable, though, slowing the process is entirely possible.

In this Qualia Life review, we provide detailed information about the nootropic to help you understand what it is and how it promotes anti-aging.

What Is Qualia Life?

Qualia Life is a nootropic and anti-aging supplement that provides essential health benefits, which help you age more gracefully.

It features 36 ingredients and an outstanding formulation of longevity elements. The manufacturer claims that the product upregulates NAD+ and ATP cells in a smart way, boosting cell energy and delaying the effects of aging.

This product has groundbreaking health and wellness benefits. It includes premium packaging in the form of capsules and powder and is available at a reasonable price.

Other supplements from this brand include Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus, both formulated to improve brain performance, boost productivity, and regulate mood.

Qualia Life Review

Qualia Life: Pros And Cons

Qualia Life is one of the few anti-aging products available on the market that seems to have real and visible effects, but like other supplements, it has advantages and disadvantages.


  • 36 all-natural, scientifically proven ingredients
  • Quickens workout recovery
  • Few to no side effects
  • Incredibly affordable compared to similar anti-aging supplements
  • Endorsed by medical professionals and athletes


  • Inconvenient; taking eight capsules per day, five days a week
  • Incompatible with other nootropics (adverse interactions)

The Ultimate Nootropic

Hands down the best nootropic on the market. I am a board certified nurse health coach, a biohacker, athlete, and overall health nut. This product has served me for years now, and it has served many of my clients and patients. Look no further for the product that covers all the bases in terms of overall nervous system function and optimization. Do yourself a favor, and invest in this product! Worth every penny.

-James T.

Products Claims: Features And Benefits

Beating stress and aging involves both nutrition and psychological aspects. You need to avoid issues that can trigger stress, and while a supplement can help, you must have a healthy lifestyle to benefit from it.

A healthy diet and sufficient physical activity keep your body fit and functioning well, which is essential to maximizing your health. It is worth keeping this principle in mind as you continue reading the Qualia Life Review.

Also, Qualia Life is designed with long-term benefits, and it does not promise instant results. Do not expect overnight improvements in your mood and energy, or you may set yourself up for major disappointment.

The manufacturer claims that this nootropic provides the following benefits:

Amplifies Productivity

Most people long for increased productivity and the same performance levels throughout the day. Qualia Life amplifies your productivity by supporting your cells' ability to generate more energy as the day progresses.

Boosts NAD+ And ATP Metabolic Pathways And Processes

Healthy living and aging depend on your cellular network and the effectiveness of its processes.

NAD+ and ATP play a central role in cellular aging and energy production. Qualia Life provides support to three different metabolic pathways of these NAD+ and ATP molecules. It boosts performance and ensures greater synergy in the process.

Upgrades Cell Energy Levels

Qualia Life targets the cellular level as the base for slowing the effects of aging.

The nootropic combination boosts cell energy levels, enabling your body to accomplish all that you need naturally. You will soon feel better and more energized, starting from the cells themselves.

Promotes Restful Sleep

Lack of restful sleep can accelerate the aging process considerably. As an anti-aging supplement, Qualia Life claims to enhance restful sleep by boosting cell metabolism.

Supports Mitochondrial Fitness And Cell Energy Levels

The mitochondrion is the powerhouse of any cell, responsible for the production of energy.

This organelle, a central figure in the metabolic process, is also responsible for aging as it determines whether a cell will remain alive or die. It is crucial to keep the mitochondria fit and healthy if you want to combat the signs of aging.

Qualia Life contains ingredients that support mitochondrial fitness, enabling you to retain your overall health through elevated cell energy levels.

Promotes Stress-Handling Capabilities

Handling stress involves the mental ability to take particular action against stressors. It relies heavily on cell energy.

This health supplement claims to offer support for coping with stress by enhancing self-control. It does this by ensuring you retain appropriate energy levels in your cells so that you focus more and make better choices.

The nootropic offers a wide range of benefits rarely found in other supplements. The only issue is that there are so many pills to consume during the day—you’ll need to take eight capsules per day to reap the full benefits.

It provides a combination of nutrients that are hard to take in a single meal, though. These levels of nutrients are a challenge to accomplish for many aging people, so supplementation is crucial.

Despite these benefits, it is essential to note that Qualia Life is not a replacement for a healthy diet or lifestyle. Proper nutrition remains a critical requirement for a healthy mind and body.

Also, Qualia Life focuses on cell energy and support. You will need to consume other nutrients to keep your body healthy and fit. It is still an excellent health supplement and a nootropic that supports cell processes for anti-aging and stress management.

Qualia life

Perfect for those who want to optimise their energy after 50

-Kim r.

Does Qualia Life Work?

Before buying any supplement, it is essential to know whether it lives up to its claims. We explored Qualia Life from the context of its users.

According to many past customers and Qualia Life reviews, this product delivers. Some customers have stated that it enhanced sleep, clarity, motivation, and enthusiasm. Others experienced an improvement in making decisions, better self-control and self-mastery, and effective energy level boosts.

The feedback and reviews are proof that Qualia Life does work.

The product development involved extensive collaboration between doctors, researchers, and nutritionists. Every component is approved as essential and impactful to the human body.

Notably, all the compounds in this supplement have evidence-based findings, so if the product worked for other users, it is likely to benefit you, as well.

We recommend that you thoroughly read different customer reviews to understand what to expect from this nootropic before purchasing it.

Qualia Life Ingredients

Qualia Life is a supplement that combines 36 all-natural ingredients, proven to enhance cell energy. These ingredients include plant extracts, vitamins, and other essential nutrients that impact cell energy production.

Here is a detailed list of these ingredients contained in Qualia Life, and how each boosts cell processes:


Vitamins are essential in boosting energy production in the body cells and maintaining mental performance.

Qualia Life contains a wide range of vitamins to include:

Plant Extracts

Qualia Life features an array of plant extracts in its formulation, which are essential in keeping the cells fit and replicating. These include Theobroma Cacao Seed Extract (Cocoa), which is full of antioxidants that boost blood flow, and Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract (Rosemary), a proven anti-cancer compound.

Also, Qualia Life contains Cinnamomum Burmannii Bark (Cinnamon) Extract known for its powerful use against fungus, diabetes, bacteria, thrombosis, rheumatism, and tumors.

Other plant extracts in this supplement include:

  • Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera Root and Leaf Extract
  • BioVin French Red Grapes Extract
  • Citrus sinensis L. Fruit Extract.
  • Sophorae Japonica L. Flower Extract
  • Strawberry Seed Extract

Other Ingredients

The Qualia Life nootropic also has other crucial ingredients and minerals in its formulation, including:

  • Apigenin
  • Biotin
  • Benfotiamine
  • Calcium β-Hydroxy-β-Methyl butyrate (CaHMB)
  • ElevATP
  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
  • Inositol
  • L-carnitine
  • Magnesium Glycinate
  • Lipoic Acid
  • Magnesium Glycinate
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Tripotassium Citrate
  • Tri Creatine Malate

Special Ingredients

While the above ingredients are essential in providing anti-aging properties, several additions differentiate this supplement from other niche nootropics.

The first ingredient is Resveratrol. This element is obtained from red wine and has powerful antioxidant properties. It is also incredibly useful in boosting insulin resistance, which prolongs life and protects against heart disease.

Another essential ingredient is Coenzyme Q10. It is responsible for increasing mitochondrial production, enhancing blood flow, and reducing fatigue in the body at a cellular level. These aspects help you to become more productive in your daily activities.

With a combination of all these ingredients, Qualia Life offers substantial longevity benefits. The complex formulation is also rare in other similar supplements.

Loving life!

Qualia Life is really living up to its name because it has put the life right back into me!

-Christian M.

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Side Effects: Is It Safe?

Before buying a product, it is essential to know about the expected side effects.

Even natural supplements may have long-lasting side effects, so if you're not careful about interactions, you could experience a range of inadvertent or uncomfortable results.

Current users report minimal side effects after using Qualia Life, Some users experienced mild stomach upsets when ingesting the supplement on its own, but the symptoms were not significant and quickly resolved by taking Qualia Life with food.

Despite these assurances, it is vital to note that supplements work differently in different people. You might experience some side effects from a nootropic that other people have no issues using, including slight discomfort and other symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, digestive disturbances, and irritability. These side effects are often manageable and disappear quickly, though.

Should you experience any symptoms when using a nootropic, you can usually ease the discomfort by drinking plenty of water with the supplement. Other ways include lowering the dosage and taking it with a meal.

If the side effects do not abate quickly, it is advisable to stop taking the product immediately. You may want to seek your doctor’s opinion before you restart the supplement to be on the safe side.


Qualia Life comes in the form of capsules and a Drink Mix in powder form; you can choose the beverage or the pills depending on your preferences.

If you opt for the drink mix, you should consider blending it with your favorite smoothie or juice. The supplement has an awful, bitter taste that you may not like on its own. It is still drinkable, but mixing the powder with a sweet smoothie or fruit juice goes a long way in dealing with the tartness of the liquid.

Alternatively, consider taking the capsules. Experts recommend eight pills per day, five days a week. You need to take a break of two days per week to avoid becoming desensitized to the effects of the supplement. You can then enjoy the full benefit of Qualia Life, choosing whether your nominated break days are consecutive or not—it’s up to you.

As reviews confirm, you should always take this supplement with a meal. Using the supplement on an empty stomach can lead to slight diarrhea and nausea, as noted above.

Try Qualia Life with your breakfast to ensure a productive day. It will lead to better performance in your daily activities as the day progresses.

You should always take one capsule with 8oz of water for better results. Hydration will also help to avoid adverse side effects.

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Qualia Life Review: Final Thoughts

As seen in this Qualia Life review, the nootropic is one of the most advanced supplements on the market. Qualia Life contains powerful anti-aging elements and nutrients that positively boost cell energy, impacting your mood, productivity, and motivation.

As anti-aging supplements continue to become popular, this product will be a significant player in the market. It has proven potential for health benefits that improve energy levels and longevity.

The company behind this supplement, Neurohacker Collective, involves health practitioners and researchers in the product development. It makes it easier to trust the ingredient combination to enhance your stress management and anti-aging.

While there is inconclusive research on anti-aging supplements' effectiveness as a niche, the excellent formulation in this supplement makes it worthy of consideration. However, anti-aging products do not work for everyone. It is always advisable to use the product as directed to reap the full health benefits and avoid harmful side effects.

If you do not get the results you seek in the time frame you expect, remember that the product is aimed at long-term use. You need to ensure that you allow enough time for the cells to transform and break from the supplement for two days per week.

We hope this Qualia Life review has provided you with essential information that will come in handy when you make your purchasing decision. It looks like excellent value for money.

Qualia Life Review


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Scientifically proven ingredients
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Quickens workout recovery

Rosemary Richards