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Colon cleansing is the process of clearing out toxins and solid waste that accumulate in the colon. People who practice unhealthy diets are generally more prone to accumulate toxins in their gastrointestinal tract. Performing a colon cleanse will flush these stored toxins out of your system and empty your large intestines of harmful substances. If you’re looking to improve your digestive health and keep your body in tip-top shape, you may benefit from cleansing your colon.

Best Colon Cleanse: 6 Of The Best Rated

1. Colon Detox Plus (Editors Choice)

VitaPost's Colon Detox Plus is a 15-day intensive course to get your digestive system running at peak condition.

The ingredients in the capsules include probiotics, prebiotics, and calcium, all of which work synergistically to give you excellent results and detoxify your digestive system.

In addition to prebiotics and probiotics, the detox contains 11 different herbs that include aloe vera, rhubarb, alfalfa leaf, and psyllium to promote smooth bowel movements and extreme colon cleansing.

After the first 15-day cleanse, the manufacturers recommend waiting two months before starting another cycle. The two-month period is the best way to keep your gut flora happy and thriving, especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • You'll feel light and cleansed after the 15-day course
  • Natural laxative effect
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Stringent testing process


  • Make sure you drink plenty of water

Keeping your digestive system healthy is essential to overall health and fitness. Your colon is a crucial organ that supplies you with the nutrients you need to survive and removes unwanted toxins from your system.

A colon cleanse such as Colon Detox Plus offers the laxative effect necessary to remove excess waste, while the probiotics and prebiotics ensure that what's left is healthy gut flora. As with any colon cleanse, it is imperative to consume large amounts of water to effectively flush out the colon.


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Husband loves it!!

My husband convinced me to do a detox with him, I can't beleive what came out! Great product, happy to recommend as I will be using again. – Candice

2. Dr Tobias Colon 14 Day Cleanse

Hectic lives and irregular meals can play havoc with the gut’s natural regime resulting in bloating, trapped wind and a general feeling of uncomfortableness. Dr Tobias Colon 14 Day Cleanse aims to redress that imbalance, using natural ingredients such as herbs, fibre and probiotics. 

This natural cleansing happens gradually throughout a 14-day programme and is best supported by regular, light exercise, such as brisk walking for 20 minutes and drinking plenty of water. 

The dose of the colon cleanse is increased during the programme to aid the body’s natural recovery system and ensure the probiotics lay the foundation for optimum gut health. 

A combination of three natural herbs, including senna leaf, cascara sagrada and psyllium husk powder combine to act as a gentle but firm agent to re-establish regular bowel movements and better absorption of essential nutrients. All three herbs contain high levels of natural fibre to ensure safe and gentle waste elimination. After cleansing the gut is much better able to repopulate with an effective range of intestinal bacteria. 

Dr Tobias Colon 14 Day Cleanse supports digestive health by cleansing toxins and waste from your body. It also promotes healthy and regular bowel movements and increases absorption of essential nutrients. 


  • A combination of three laxatives for gentler effect 
  • Cleansed intestine can repopulate beneficial bacteria 
  • Helps to encourage regular bowel movements


  • May have to repeat the treatment


3.  NutriRise 15-Day Colon Cleanse – Advanced Detoxification Support

The 15-Day Colon Cleanse by NutriRise promises quick and fast detoxification that is still gentle on your digestive system.

Unlike many other products, NutriRise provides a transparent ingredient list with the herbs and biologicals they use, giving you peace of mind.

NutriRise's Advanced Detoxification Support combines several herbs to curb bloat, promote a flatter stomach, and improve digestive health. The two main ingredients are Senna leaf and Cascara Sagrada, the best natural laxatives for weight loss and digestive health.

The detox combination also includes Lactobacillus, the best-known probiotic that improves gut health by out-competing unhealthy bacteria.

Every batch of 15-Day Colon Cleanse undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure all products meet the company's stringent standards. The result is a product containing the ingredients it says it does and being GMP-certified.

In addition to providing probiotics for gut health, this colon cleanse contains powerful laxatives that can assist in weight-loss and bloat reduction. This type of cleanse effectively removes most excess waste in your colon, but due to its strength, you may experience severe discomfort and abdominal pain. We don't recommend using this product past the stated 15-day period without consulting your physician first.


  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • A fast-acting formula
  • Promotes weight loss and digestive health
  • Contains the probiotic Lactobacillus
  • Made in the USA and 3rd-party tested for quality


  • Some discomfort and cramping


4.  Bowtrol Colon Cleanse

Bowtrol's Colon Cleanse supplement contains plenty of herbs and ingredients aimed at promoting gut health and cleansing your system of toxins.

The company claims this cleanse will have extra benefits such as improved concentration, weight loss, clearer skin, and increased energy.

The manufacturers also recommend this supplement if you suffer from constipation, bloating, gas, or diarrhea, due to the laxative effect of many of the ingredients.

Unlike several other colon cleanse products, Bowtrol's cleanse doesn't contain any probiotics or prebiotics. Instead, it relies on flaxseed, thyme oil powder, garlic, and cloves to maintain gut health after purging your body of excess toxins.

Bowtrol's Colon Cleanse appears to focus more on weight loss than on colon or digestive health. It contains several potent laxatives that may inhibit your ability to get adequate nutrition from your food. Unlike other colon cleanses, Bowtrol's product doesn't contain any probiotics, which may cause your gut flora to suffer after such intense purging.


  • Several immune-boosting ingredients like garlic and cloves
  • Cascada Sagrada and Senna are proven laxatives
  • Each order comes with a special e-book and weight-loss visualization audio as well as a membership to a results-based fitness program
  • Can help with weight loss as well as promote a healthy digestive system


  • Some ingredients may interact with medications, so consult a physician before starting your cleanse.


5. Teami Colon Cleanse Detox Tea

Teami Colon Cleanse Detox Tea is drunk warm as a tea before sleep. The natural herbs in the blend do not contain caffeine so it is unlikely to affect sleep. Taking the tea before sleep allows its restorative powers to work in conjunction with the body’s natural recovery processes during a night sleep. 

If you experience chronic bloating and fullness Teami Colon Cleanse can help to rebalance your gut health. The natural herb formula helps to reset, cleanse, and refresh your body from the inside out. 

A complex of 10 plants, berries, herbs, and roots, which are all vegan, natural and non-GMO combine to reset your gut. The improvements happen overnight while you are sleeping leading to regular and healthy bowel movements and a gut flora which is much more likely to absorb essential nutrients. 

In our hectic lives we are constantly surrounded by toxins. Whether in highly processed food, pollution, or absorption through the skin our bodies constantly battle to keep the finely tuned balance of our biochemistry. Using an all-natural cleanse puts back into the body that which is taken out by busy lifestyles. 

Finely powdered for better absorption rhubarb root, hawthorn berry extract and lotus leaf 

create a powerful but gentle cleansing blend for the bowel. Combined with regular light exercise and plenty of water Teami Colon Cleanse will eliminate chronic fullness and bloating. 


  • Works as you sleep so no side effects 
  • Eliminates feelings of fullness and bloating 
  • Leaves you feeling fresher in the morning


  • May have to repeat the treatment


6. Umzu ZuPoo

Umzu ZuPoo’s natural formulation helps to flush out the body’s waste thereby improving overall gut health. The gentle laxative effect of two of the active ingredients, cascara sagrada and aloe ferox, ensure waste elimination, a decreased feeling of bloating and improved digestion.  

Christopher Walker, founder of UMZU, graduated from Duke University, North Carolina in three years with a neuroscience degree. He works with an experienced herbal team to develop natural remedies, which help to redress the balance of digestive systems. 

There are a total of five active ingredients in the Umzu ZuPoo formulation. Cascara sagrada is a natural gentle laxative, which also aids the immune system, while bentonite clay acts to absorb toxins from the gut. While eliminating waste from the intestines it puts back at the same time several beneficial nutrients. 

Aloe Ferox is well known gentle and natural laxative and colon cleanser and milk thistle is renowned for its ability to tone the liver and promotes new cell growth. Milk thistle is also reputed to work well with removing free radicals. These genetically changed compounds can have a profound effect on cell structure. Finally, cayenne pepper extract is utilised to stimulate enzyme production, which helps to ensure the digestive system operates effectively. It also stimulates gastric juices, which help to optimise food and toxin metabolism. 


  • Formulation created by a neuroscience graduate 
  • Two proven laxatives work in conjunction 
  • Milk thistle is proven to improve liver health and reduce free radicals.


  • May experience bloating in early stages


Are Colon Cleanses A Good Idea?

A colon cleanse aims to:

  • improve liver function*
  • boost digestion and metabolism
  • relieve constipation
  • reduce the risk of colon cancer

Research indicates that colon cleansing may result in an “improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms” for patients with irritable bowel syndrome. In turn, it aids in weight loss as the digestive system recovers, and healthy bacteria repopulate.

There are numerous ways of performing a colon cleanse, ranging from mild laxatives and supplements to irrigation, which may require medical supervision. Nonetheless, there are much safer and more natural ways of cleansing that only need you to make changes in your diet.

Certain risks come with colon cleansing. A proper colon cleanse requires medical supervision. Before opting to undergo any detoxifying measures, it is best to consult with a medical provider first.

* For more information on improved liver function we reviewed Liver Support Plus.

How Does A Colon Cleanse Work?

The process requires you to take in a large volume of fluid into your colon. The goal is to eliminate the waste substances that your body may store due to unhealthy dietary practices. There are a few methods for doing a colon cleanse.

Supplemental colon cleanses or natural detox routines are highly recommended as opposed to a colon irrigation. The latter poses harm against your body as it mechanically injects substantial amounts of herbal solutions into your colon. Side-effects are evident through cramps, diarrhea, and nausea.

Conversely, a supplemental colon cleanse uses only mild laxatives that contain herbal extracts. It does not involve flushing large amounts of fluid solution into the body, which makes it a much safer alternative.

You may opt to incorporate more fiber and liquids into your diet if you prefer to avoid supplements. When going the natural detox route, you must establish a routine for a specific period for the detox to take effect.

Does A Colon Cleanse Help You Lose Weight?

One of the side-effects of a colon cleanse is weight loss. Initially, you may shed a few pounds as water weight and stool leave your body. However, it is not a permanent solution to a weight problem. Ideally, you should use this process as a take-off point towards a healthier diet and regular exercise to maintain your new weight.

man's in a white suit showing his right arm

Natural Colon Cleanses

There are several ways of doing a colon cleanse at home. These natural means are much safer, and you can use them regularly. Maintaining the following items in your diet will have long-term effects on improving your metabolism, digestion, and overall health.


Water intake is the most basic means of cleansing the colon naturally. It makes stored waste (or stool) moist enough to pass through the colon easily. A lack of water intake can trigger dehydration, which causes limited bowel movement. This results in stool becoming hardened, making it difficult to pass and causing constipation. Studies show that frequent constipation may lead to colorectal cancer.

Experts recommend drinking six to eight glasses of lukewarm water daily for a proper water flush cleanse. You may count other beverages mixed with water to be part of your daily water intake. However, plain water is still the most advisable option as it has zero calories and sugar.

You can supplement your daily water intake with certain foods containing high amounts of water, such as:

  • celery
  • watermelon
  • tomatoes
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • Brussels sprouts
  • oranges
  • apples
  • blueberries
  • melons

Fruit And Vegetable Juice

Pure fruit and vegetable juices contain healthy substances that help facilitate a natural colon cleanse. Juice cleansing advocates recommend fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, fructose, and phytochemicals.

Some juice cleansing programs require you to intake only fluids like water and fresh juices for days at a time. Fitness junkies commonly refer to them as “juice fasts” or “master cleanses.”

The most widely recommended types of juices include banana, pear, apple, kiwi, prune, grapes, and lemon. Instead of plain juicing, health authorities advocate blending the fruits and vegetables into a smoothie. Doing so will keep all the nutrients and fiber intact, which is great for the colon.

However, some researchers advise against juice cleanses as they can pose health concerns, especially for people with diabetes Nonetheless, as long as you perform juice cleanses in moderation, juicing will greatly benefit your digestion and help you stay hydrated.

coloured juices in glass bottles with an apple and lemon slices and an orange wedge


Fiber is one of the most beneficial macro-nutrients to include in your diet. It regulates your body’s bowel movements, which activates a healthier digestive cycle. High-fiber food can help prevent constipation and overactive bowels. Incorporating fiber into your colon cleanse regimen will prevent stool from accumulating in your colon while producing healthy bacteria, such as probiotics.

You can easily find fiber in natural whole grains, seeds, beans, nuts, and berries. Instead of snacking on junk food, replace it with a pack of mixed nuts or seeds. As for grains, opt for brown rice since it has fewer calories while being high in fiber.

Fiber supplements are available for those who are not able to make dietary adjustments. The most popular fiber supplements are polycarbophil tablets, psyllium, and methylcellulose. These supplements are available over the counter and are effective at treating occasional constipation or irregular bowel movements.

Fermented Food

Consider looking into fermented foods when planning for your colon cleanse. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics, the types of bacteria that your body needs to improve your digestive health. By assisting the bowels in pushing the stool out of the colon, probiotics reduce the risk of constipation, bloating, gassiness, and infections.

Some of the most common fermented foods rich in probiotics are yogurt (regular and Greek), kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, select types of cheese, and apple cider vinegar (ACV). Apple cider also contains enzymes and acids that suppress bad bacteria and positively impact a colon cleanse routine.

Studies suggest that there is a potential link between probiotics and the prevention or treatment of colon cancer. Further research is required to definitively evaluate these possibilities. Nonetheless, having a healthy gut and digestive tract provides important benefits to your overall health, among them is a stronger immune system.

Resistant Starches

Resistant starches function like soluble fiber. Studies show that these superfoods have potent health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity, preventing obesity and maximizing digestion. This type of starch boosts gut microflora, which reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Foods that contain resistant starches are difficult for the body to digest, which adds weight to the stool. Bulkier stools stimulate the bowels faster and aid in cleansing the colon.

The most recommended foods rich in resistant starches include potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar beet, sugar cane, sweet corn, buckwheat, millet, white bread, and grains. However, foods with resistant starches are also high in carbohydrates. For those who want an effective colon cleanse but prefer a low-carb diet, you may find greater success in options that produce less blood sugar spikes such as waxy potatoes and rice.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is well-known among many health-conscious dieters for its wondrous effects on digestion and metabolism. Drinking a glass of lemon juice on an empty stomach delivers the extracts straight to the gut mucosa, which provides extremely positive effects for colon cleansing. Lemons are also rich in Vitamin C. Studies show that Vitamin C is a relevant component for an effective colon cleanse.

An alternative to pure lemon juice is lemon water. The recipe for lemon water is simple. Squeeze lemon into warm or cold water, and let it rest to get the lemon and water to infuse together. But please note that while lemon water is completely natural, it is still best to take it in moderation. Lemon water should not serve as a permanent replacement for plain water.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are becoming more popular for their positive effects on digestive health and increasing metabolism. Research shows that the regular intake of herbal teas lowers the risk of colon cancer. There are also laxative herbal teas such as aloe vera, psyllium, senna, ginger, and marshmallow root that prevent or relieve constipation.

More common herbs such as ginger and lemon tea possess antimicrobial elements that can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. For this reason, fitness enthusiasts usually infuse herbal teas in their colon cleanse regimens, such as juicing. You can also make herbal tea by steeping the leaves in hot water.

Colon Cleanse Benefits

Scientifically, no studies have confirmed the benefits of colon cleanse procedures, whether the cleanse is achieved through dietary means or through irrigation. However, colon cleansing advocates claim that these procedures can yield numerous health benefits.

The most relevant effects of colon cleansing include toxin removal from the colon, detoxification of the body, and improved digestion. As the gut is relieved from wastes, it will give you a lighter feeling and result in temporary weight loss.

Benefits that still need further research are:

  • fortification of the immune system
  • better liver function
  • relieving bloating and gas
  • prevention of constipation
  • reduction of the risk for colon cancer
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Colon Cleanse Risks

For all its health benefits, a colon cleanse does have some drawbacks. Despite those advantages listed above, you must still approach colon cleansing with caution. Keep in mind that there are some potential risks associated with this procedure, whether mechanical or natural.

Some of these risks are:

  • dehydration
  • electrolyte imbalance
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting and nausea
  • cramps
  • fainting
  • increased risk of infections due to the loss of gut microflora
  • bowel ulcerations
  • lack of nutrients that could lower the immune system
  • kidney damages or failures

Should any of these symptoms occur, seek immediate medical attention. These symptoms may lead to heart failure if continued.

People who have pre-existing medical conditions should avoid colon cleanse procedures. Research shows that this process could worsen the symptoms of specific conditions such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, prior colon conditions, and kidney, liver, and heart conditions. A patient with these medical concerns should not attempt a colon cleanse unless prescribed by a licensed doctor.

For healthy individuals, a colon cleanse poses fewer risks. The worst that could happen are bowel injuries or constipation. It is still best to consult with a medical professional before making any drastic changes to your diet like boosting your fiber, juice, and resistant starch intake.

Likewise, before incorporating colon cleansing tablets or herbal tea supplements into your daily routine, check their contents, and do your research. Overdosing on these natural laxatives may heighten the risk of chronic constipation and irregular bowel movement.

Best Colon Cleanse: Summing Up

A natural colon cleanse aids in improving your digestive system and metabolism. It not only regulates your bowel movement but also prevents constipation. Studies link cleansing to reducing the risk of colon cancer. However, not everything labeled “natural” is automatically safe. There are still risks involved that could lead to worse health problems such as colon damage, especially for people with preexisting medical conditions.

Those who are planning on a full natural cleanse must be aware of the potential risks involved and should speak with a medical professional regarding any serious symptoms that arise during the process.

Anything done in excess can cause adverse effects. Keep the intake of natural substances or supplements in moderation based on their prescribed dosages. When necessary, set up a professional consultation with medical practitioners to learn how to tailor these natural colon cleanse processes to your current physical condition. Colon cleansing is not for everybody, and the risks may differ from one person to another.


Colon Detox Plus

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Natural laxative effect
  • Stringent testing process


    Rosemary Richards