CBD Gummies Vs CBD Oil Potency Differences

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Oils and gummies are the easiest way to include CBD in your diet. While they are both meant for the same purpose, they each work differently. Understanding each of them and how they affect us will help you make an informed choice between them.

CBD oil has been around for longer than CBD gummies. The former gets the job done with no bells and whistles whereas gummies are a lot more convenient and have become a bit of a fad.

Let’s take a look at how these products differ from each other to understand which one would suit you best.

CBD Oil Vs CBD Gummies Potency & Differences

Both CBD oils and CBD gummies contain CBD extract. They are consumed for their various health benefits. A lot of people have experienced relief from chronic physical pain or improved mental health upon consumption of CBD.

But how are CBD gummies and CBD oil different from each other? Let’s find out.

CBD oil is a liquid formulation that contains CBD extract. It is sold in small glass bottles and usually comes with a dropper so that people can measure out the amount they need accurately.

It is also called CBD oil tincture sometimes. The CBD oil usually contains MCT oil for better absorption, which happens to have other health benefits too.

CBD gummies have any kind of CBD extract. They are sold in packs and are eaten like candy. They are appealing to people as they are sweet and convenient to carry and consume.

They are popular because they are easy to handle and you don’t need to worry about measuring out the dosage. At the same time, if you want to change the dosage or need to take a specific amount of CBD, it is difficult to do with gummies.

Ingredients And Formulation

Both CBD gummies and CBD oil either contain broad spectrum CBD oil or full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum oil has the whole range of compounds that hemp possesses.

They have a greater therapeutic effect as you get the full effect of the cannabinoid compounds in hemp.

There is one downside to full spectrum CBD oil—it has traces of THC, which could result in a positive drug test. It is not intoxicating in any way, but it still might get picked up as a narcotic in a standard drug test.

Broad spectrum CBD oil also has tiny amounts of THC. But the quantity is less than 0.01% and cannot be detected by a drug test.

Nowadays CBD products are increasingly using broad spectrum CBD oil as it has an even lower THC amount. It still has the same beneficial effects as full spectrum CBD oil, it may feel a little different but you can rest assured that you will still have the same basic experience.

CBD Gummies Vs CBD Oil Potency

CBD gummies usually have broad spectrum CBD or a CBD extract isolate. They are also enriched with other multivitamins and healthy ingredients like turmeric or apple cider vinegar.

CBD oil is blended with MCT oil, as we’ve mentioned and can possibly contain other cannabinoids too. You need to examine the individual ingredients to determine their exact effects and benefits.

If you just want to include cannabinoids in your diet, CBD oil is a good choice for you. However, if you are interested in including a range of vitamins and other essential nutrients, you should consider CBD gummies.


Bioavailability is the scientific term for how long it takes for the CBD to enter your bloodstream for you to start feeling the effects.

Gummies have a very low bioavailability. In fact, they have the lowest availability of all kinds of cannabis products.

Gummies get processed by our body just like food—they move through our liver and digestive system before they enter our bloodstream and sometimes lose some of their potency in the process.

Generally, it takes between half an hour and 2 hours to start feeling the effects of CBD gummies. However, they last longer too.

CBD oils, on the other hand, have much better bioavailability.

The method of consuming them is also important, as it has been noted that when you drop CBD oil under your tongue and press down for a full minute, it gets absorbed by the blood vessels directly. You can start feeling the effects as soon as 20 minutes.


Dosage is an important consideration when it comes to CBD. Our bodies react differently to CBD, so it is important that you get the dosage right.

CBD Gummies Vs CBD Oil Potency

With CBD gummies, the serving amount is already measured and it is much easier to remember and take the same dosage each time.

With CBD oil, it can be hit or miss, as you might give yourself a slightly bigger or smaller dose every time.

There is a certain flexibility to CBD oil, so you might prefer it if you want to tweak your dosage according to your needs.

What’s Best For Your Lifestyle?

Lifestyle plays a big role in what kind of CBD product will be good for you. If you want something convenient that is easy to consume, CBD gummies might be more your speed.

You can also choose them based on your other needs. For example, there are CBD gummies designed to improve gut health, weight loss or strengthen immunity. You can get one product that satisfies all your needs at once.

CBD Gummies Vs CBD Oil Potency

CBD oils are preferred by people with stressful lifestyles. They add them to a cup of tea or soup at night and it helps them unwind at night.

It is also very versatile in terms of dosage—you can easily increase or decrease a few drops depending on how you’re feeling.

CBD Gummies Vs CBD Oil Potency: Wrapping Up

We have gone through the considerations behind both CBD gummies and CBD oil. If you are still confused about which one to choose, the best way to find out is to try them both.

Different people react to CBD differently and some people only figure out their preferences after they try them out. You are free to experiment and find out which one suits you best—you might even love them both!

Rosemary Richards