Comprehensive Charlottes Web CBD Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Caring for your body is the first and best step in a long and fruitful life. With Charlotte’s Web CBD, you have the opportunity to improve your health regimen, target areas of your body most in need, and feel better about yourself. Our Charlottes Web CBD review will reveal all about this intriguing product…

Below, you will learn about CBD and its health effects. Products from Charlotte’s Web are made to address several needs in your life, and the range of choices allows you to tailor a full suite of options to fit your daily routine. Determine which products you would like to try, place your order today, and continue researching as you aim to improve your body and mind.

Charlotte’s Web Products Overview

Products at Charlotte’s Web are made without parabens, synthetic fragrances, or artificial dyes. What you get in each package provides natural ingredients, thus protecting you from adverse reactions. Charlotte’s Web products offer peace of mind without  using any of the following:

  • sulfates
  • GMOs
  • sodium acrylates copolymer
  • carbomer
  • shark-derived squalene, or
  • betaine

As a gluten-free, it is perfectly safe for those with gluten allergies or celiac disease. Every ingredient is vegan, save the beeswax in the balm stick or tin.

In keeping with the brand’s respect and reverence for nature, these products are not tested on animals. Moreover, they are free of eight major allergens, giving you confidence if you’ve ever had problems with allergic reactions in the past.

As you read through the product descriptions, remember that each has specific uses and benefits, and take special care to consider how these products will help with a lifestyle change. You might share these products with your friends and family, give them as gifts, or recommend them to anyone in need. You might send some chews to a friend with dogs, or you can give Charlotte’s Web products to your local shelter or rescue.


charlottes web cbd review

CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web includes the original formula in 7 mg, 17 mg, and 60 mg bottles. Charlotte’s Web measures bottles based on the concentration of plant-based cannabinoids in every milliliter of fluid. Each bottle features a full-spectrum hemp extract formula and either 30 mL or 100mL of oil.

When trying the 7 mg bottle, you will find 80 phytocannabinoids and plant products in each drop. Flavors include mint chocolate, lemon twist, orange blossom, and olive oil. You can support your sense of calm and focus, manage daily stress, and help with inflammation caused by regular exercise.

You get twice the CBD with the 17 mg bottle, and it stands out as a favorite among Charlotte’s Web enthusiasts. The original formula is the flagship blend providing all the benefits listed above. If you want more kick, you can use the 60 mg bottle, which features their highest concentration of CBD.

Each bottle contains the Charlotte’s Web hemp extract, a carrier oil, your chosen flavor, USA-grown hemp, and a dropper. Full CO2 extraction ensures the highest level of CBD in each dose, and the process protects the environment in alignment with the Charlotte’s Web mission.


  • This oil offers multiple flavors, concentrations, and dosages
  • You get a high concentration based on the extraction process
  • A dropper makes for easy dosing
  • You can choose a bottle and strength you believe is appropriate


  • Slight, and natural, changes in color from one bottle to the next
  • Choosing the right dosage might be difficult for new buyers

The Best CBD!

I am old, retired, now farming full time. I started using CBD some years ago. Some products were pretty good, some were useless. After I tried Charlottes Webb, I was done trying different products. You work for me.

David H. Verified Buyer – 10/12/21

CBD Capsules

Liquid capsules from Charlotte’s Web provide you with a convenient dosage of CBD oil, keeping any lingering taste out of your mouth. Each capsule contains simple ingredients and travels well. There is no faster way to take a dose of CBD to start, continue, or finish the day.

Each Charlotte’s Web liquid capsule contains the full-spectrum hemp extract and a dash of organic extra virgin olive oil. Capsules are also convenient if you want to bag them for later use.

You have your choice of concentrations, including 15 mg and 25 mg. Charlotte’s Web has even moved away from gelatin, glycerin, carrageenan, and sorbitol softgels in favor of these capsules. For the sake of your health, allergies, and sensibilities, your capsule is vegan. If you don’t know which product to use, you can take a short quiz on the Charlotte’s Web site for more information.


  • A single dose is contained in one easy-to-digest capsule
  • Each capsule is vegan
  • You can choose from different concentrations
  • The capsules are portable


  • You may not feel comfortable taking several of these capsules to equal a large dose
  • There are no flavor options

CBD Gummies

Gummies from Charlotte’s Web feature a unique range of ingredients and options. A traditional gummy does not go as far as this formula, and the Stanley Brothers take special care to build botanical formulas with a massive range of benefits.

The Calm Gummies open their range with a blend of L-theanine and lemon balm, plus the full-spectrum hemp extract from Charlotte’s Web. This formula helps you handle stress and relax without falling asleep.

The Sleep Gummies help support good sleep patterns and sound sleep. The natural ingredients inside each gummy help you get rest without lingering drowsiness because each dose includes melatonin and the full-spectrum hemp extract. As melatonin is a common sleep aid ingredient, you can feel the difference.

Recovery Gummies focus on your exercise or daily tasks. The hemp extract mingles with turmeric and ginger to support healthy joint mobility. You also get relief from inflammation felt after prolonged periods of activity.


  • Gummies are easy to chew and often easier to digest than capsules
  • You can take gummies throughout the day if you please
  • You have several options
  • You can take all three gummies if needed


  • It may be difficult to choose the appropriate dosage
  • A 30-count package might empty quickly

CBD Oil And Gummies For Dogs

Charlotte’s Web follows NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) guidelines when serving pets. These supplements are intended for mature dogs and not puppies or other mammals. Grain-free and soy-free, they feature the proprietary hemp extract found in other products.

CBD oil for pets helps with joint health for dogs who jump, play, and roughhouse. As they get older, they can use this product to live happier and more active lives. Some dogs deal with extreme bouts of anxiety, and the hemp extract helps them relax, especially around meals, greeting visitors, visiting the vet, or at bedtime. You may also use these products when your dog loses control of their bowels under extreme duress or cannot go to the bathroom due to their anxiety.

The product line includes:

  • Hip & joint chews
  • Chews for senior dogs
  • Calming chews for dogs
  • Hemp extract drops

Calming chews include a custom mixture of valerian root, passion flower, and chamomile. Chews for senior dogs include elderberry powder, DHA, EPA, and vitamin E, while joint chews offer glucosamine, turmeric, and chondroitin.

You can choose from chicken or unflavored dropper bottles, chicken chews, and unflavored chews with full-spectrum hemp extracts.

Canine hemp is an infused balm offering moisturizing qualities that helps with sensitive skin and maintains a healthy complexion. The soothing scent included in each package helps relax dogs as you treat them. You can also repeat the process as much as you like, because the all-natural ingredients come with no negative side effects.


  • Dogs are soothed and live healthier lives
  • You can use these chews or balms with your dogs as much as you like
  • Drops help you infuse your dog’s food with goodness
  • Pets get the same formulas as their owners


  • You can’t use these products with puppies or other mammals
  • These products work differently with every dog

CBD Isolates

The CBD isolate from Charlotte’s Web offers 20 mg of CBD in every milliliter. You can add this extract to anything, and it allows you to personalize your treatment.

This pure version of the oil is unflavored and is tested using chromatography to confirm there are no more than 13 parts per million of THC. The other notable difference is that there are no additives.

You may not want or need other ingredients Charlotte’s Web uses in its blends. For enthusiasts, you can taste the difference between the isolates and blends.

The former 30 mL bottle is no longer available, but a new version is coming in 2021.


  • Isolates offer purity and simplicity
  • The isolate is THC-free
  • Safely add the Isolate to any other product you’ve chosen
  • Full-spectrum treatment from Charlotte’s Web’s proprietary formula


  • There are no flavor options or additives like you find in other Charlotte’s Web products
  • There is only one bottle size

Success. The product works and I have been using it for about a year and a half. I started purchasing it from another company.

Herb J.Verified Buyer – 12/07/20

CBD Topicals

When soothing, moisturizing, and targeting problem areas, you can use CBD roll-ons, creams, or ointments to nourish your skin. In addition to the conditioning properties you get from more traditional creams, you will feel revitalized.

The topicals are especially unique as they are made without problematic ingredients or animal testing. Use your topicals as many times a day as you need when you notice issues after your morning shower, in the middle of a long workday, or at night before bed.

Hemp-infused topicals include:

  • Hemp-infused cream with CBD
  • Hemp-infused balm with CBD
  • Arthritis aches & pains relief ointment
  • Back & neck pain relief ointment
  • Muscle & joint pain relief spray
  • Active sport pain relief stick or ointment
  • Massage therapy pain relief oil
  • Hemp-infused cooling gel
  • Cooling & moisturizing hydrogel patches
  • Acne treatment medicated cream
  • Foot & ankle ointment

Scents include peppermint and lavender. Active ingredients include rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, menthol, camphor, honeysuckle oil, and many more. Check the ingredients of your favorite product to discover how unique each blend is.


  • Topical products cover a wide range of needs
  • You can use creams, roll-ons, or ointments
  • You can choose from several scents
  • Each product has a unique blend that works with your skin


  • There are almost too many options
  • Choosing between a cream, ointment, or roll-on might be difficult, depending on your situation

The Charlotte’s Web Story

The Charlotte’s Web story begins unlike most companies—the brand started as a mission and not a profit-making vehicle. The mission statement is simple: to better the planet and people living upon it. This focus on peace in mind, body, and soul is what makes Charlotte’s Web different from every other brand in the industry. If you prefer to spend your money on integrity, this is the right company for you.

Product quality, consistency, and safety sit at the top of the brand’s priorities, along with remaining eco-friendly and sustainable. Standing on the motto “Trust The Earth,” Charlotte’s Web believes the flora around us can change our lives, bodies, and minds for the better. They’ve planted 3,049,200 square feet of hemp to honor access to, and the benefits of, this versatile plant. Increasing green space also improves the environment and enhances the company’s ability to generate great products.

“Trust The Earth” is the title of a manifesto available to read on the Charlotte’s Web site, outlining their belief that natural products are not an alternative, that Mother Nature is right in all things, and that founders the Stanley Brothers care for each plant equally. Placing nature at the forefront of their mission avoids side effects, embraces science, and offers restorative care. Calmer days, improved circadian cycles, and inner peace are around the corner.

The company started with an extract that was given to those most in need. Among them was a little girl named Charlotte Figi, who responded to the extract so well that the Stanley Brothers renamed the product and made wellness the core of their ever-expanding business. Serving others makes Charlotte’s Web a powerful statement on the impact of hemp extracts and CBD products.

This brand understands that users are not looking for a high but need balance in their lives. As a result, special care is taken to use hemp extracts that are safe for anyone.

Using products from Charlotte’s Web, then, should fundamentally change how users care for their bodies and minds. Interestingly, the Stanley Brothers cultivate all their crops from the original seed that offered hope to young Charlotte.

I’m new to CBD products and wasn’t sure where to begin. After answering a few questions on the website this was recommended. It took almost 2 weeks for me to feel the benefits but it has definitely made me feel more calm and less stressed. I tried the plain, chocolate mint and orange blossom. They all taste great, though my favorite is the orange.  I highly recommend this oil. I’m very pleased with results, quality and the SUPER fast shipping:)

Shannon M.– 12/01/20

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Charlotte’s Web Benefits

At Charlotte’s Web, you enjoy an array of benefits when using their hemp extract products. You will feel different, confident, and reduce your carbon footprint with these natural products. The five best benefits of this brand are:

Calmness Under Stress

Charlotte’s Web products allow you to remain calm under stress. While poise and grit are valued the world over, it is difficult for those with anxiety to remain poised at all times. You feel a sense of relaxation that helps you accomplish your goals and move forward when using these CBD products.

Sleep Cycles Improve

When your sleep is interrupted or shortened, you will not feel rested and energized. Using products from Charlotte’s Web helps promote better sleep cycles. You can do some of the work yourself by setting an alarm and going to bed at the right time, and you can add capsules, gummies, or oil droplets for an extra kick.

Your Pets Remain Calm

One of the hardest things to handle is an anxious pet. There is only so much you can do to help your pets calm down, and they may not sleep because their anxiety is so intense. Using Charlotte’s Web chews keeps your guests safe and soothes dogs who’ve possibly dealt with trauma or cower at even a knock on the door.

Combat Dry Skin

You may have issues with dry patches, and you can soothe your skin when you feel it’s getting dry. Your daily routine is often quite busy, and using Charlotte’s Web hemp-infused products adds moisture. Throw one in your bag, keep one in your desk, on the vanity, and on your nightstand, so you never go without.

Managing Joint Health

Reducing joint pain and promoting joint health keeps you active and happy. You want to enjoy these years with your family, and using CBD products from Charlotte’s Web helps you keep up with everyone. You never want to disappoint your children, grandchildren, or friends, and working on this aspect of your life today makes a difference in the future.

Charlottes Web CBD Review: Final Words

Charlotte’s Web is a wonderful place to source your CBD products. You have gone in search of peace of mind, and you will find it in the products mentioned above.

This review may inspire you to start using Charlotte’s Web products or make a fundamental life change. You can use these products when you crave improved sleep, struggle with daily stresses, or want to try something born of Mother Earth. Whatever your reason, the solution is clear.

charlottes web cbd review


Our #1 Recommendation

  • You get a high concentration based on the extraction process
  • A dropper makes for easy dosing
  • You can choose a bottle and strength you believe is appropriate

Rosemary Richards