Antioxidants To Lose Belly Fat

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The visceral fat that surrounds your liver and other organs in your abdomen is called belly fat. The surprising thing is that even thin people can have belly fat. Belly fat not only makes your clothes seem tight but is also quite harmful to health, increasing the risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes, among other health problems.

The annoying thing is that belly fat is quite stubborn and rather difficult to get rid of. However, there are many ways by which you can lose belly fat. Often, health and fitness enthusiasts swear by the powerful belly fat burning properties of antioxidants and in this article, we will discuss the same.

Antioxidants To Lose Belly Fat

In a study, it was seen that phenolic acids (o-coumaric acid) and flavonoids (rutin), which are antioxidants, helped to tweak fat cells that were derived from mice. The antioxidants did not reduce the number of fat cells or kill them in the test tube.

Antioxidants To Lose Belly Fat - tomato and celery

But instead, they helped the fat cells reduce the production of triglycerides, which are extremely harmful to heart health by restricting the triglyceride-producing enzymes.

Antioxidant-Rich Foods That Help To Lose Belly Fat

There are many foods such as veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, wine and tea that are rich in antioxidants, which offer loads of benefits, including helping to lose weight, lose fat, especially around the belly, and prevent obesity by working on the fat cells.

Green Tea

A very healthy beverage, green tea contains caffeine, as well as catechin, EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, which can help to boost metabolism. The catechin helps to break down the excess fat and the caffeine and catechin increases the amount of energy, which the body uses in order to reduce fat in the body, especially around the belly.

Antioxidants To Lose Belly Fat - matcha tea

Matcha tea contains 137 times more concentration of EGCH (epigallocatechin gallate), catechin compared to green tea, which has very powerful belly fat melting properties and is an excellent way to reduce fat around your belly.


Plums contain phenolic compounds known as flavonoids that give them their deep red color and also the ability to fight fat. A wonderful source of pectin, which is a gelatin-like fiber, studies show that plums have the ability to reduce belly or liver fat, while also blocking the amount of fat that cells can absorb.

Black Tea

A type of tea that has undergone more oxidation compared to other types of tea, imparting its darker color and stronger flavor, black tea, contains polyphenolic compounds known as flavonoids. These are powerful antioxidants that may help to stimulate weight loss.

Studies reveal that the polyphenols contained in black tea help to boost weight loss by increasing the growth of gut-friendly bacteria, reducing your calorie intake and also stimulating the breakdown of fat.

In a study, it was seen that the 111 participants who consumed 3 cups of black tea every day for 3 months lost more weight and also saw reductions in their waist circumference compared to the control group.

In another study, it was seen that women consuming more flavonoid-rich foods and black tea had lesser body fat, as well as belly fat compared to women who consumed lesser flavonoids.


Berries such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, making them among the healthiest foods in the world. The antioxidants contained in berries help to fight inflammation, reduce the risk of many diseases and promote weight control.

Antioxidants To Lose Belly Fat - berrie

Studies reveal that raspberries contain ketones, a compound that helps to break down internal belly fat, while speeding up metabolism. According to a study, berries contain flavonoids that reduce the tendency to gain weight.

An animal study showed that rats that consumed 2% of their diet as blueberries showed many health benefits including less belly fat after 90 days.


Soy-based food products like tofu, edamame and tempeh contain genistein, a powerful isoflavone, which is essentially a polyphenolic compound that contains potent antioxidant properties. Genistein helps to boost lipid oxidation and helps to lose fat, especially belly fat.

Leafy Greens

Containing plenty of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, leafy greens are a wonderful addition to your diet, especially if you’re on the lookout for ways to combat and reduce belly fat.

Antioxidants To Lose Belly Fat - leafy greens

And, the darker the leafy greens, the better. You can choose from mustard greens, collard greens, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, etc. And, if you don’t like eating the greens, then you can turn them into a delicious smoothie to battle the belly bulge.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are slow-digesting carbs that are rich in carotenoids or plant-derived antioxidants that not only help to stabilize your blood sugar levels but also aids in lower insulin resistance, which helps to prevent the calories from getting converted to belly fat. According to a study in the Nutrition and Diabetes journal, the carotenoids in sweet potatoes help to improve weight, as well as fat loss.

Antioxidants Top Lose Belly Fat: Wrapping Up

In conclusion, not only is belly fat unhealthy, but it is quite harmful too. While the extra weight from the belly fat makes you feel lethargic and sluggish, it also increases the risk of various diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

So, if you are troubled by a jiggly belly and want to embark on your weight loss journey, then adding the above antioxidant-rich foods to your diet regularly can help you shed those pounds while burning the belly fat.

Rosemary Richards