Wearables And Anti Aging

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Wearables are similar to skincare products in terms of their function but are recently developed advanced technologies that can serve as additions to anti-aging efforts.

These wearables can take several shapes and might serve varying functions, which is why it is first essential to figure out what they are, whether they can really work, the potential risks involved and what kinds of wearables are out there.

You can go through all the vital information about such wearables below.

What Are Wearables?

You might already be aware of wearable technology when it comes to fitness and tracking certain measures of the body. Such wearables have now gained popularity in other realms as well, such as gaming and fashion.

When it comes to anti-aging wearables and skin care, however, wearables have only recently been explored and researched.

Essentially, wearables, in this context, are sensors that you can wear on parts of your body that can then collect information about you and provide insight and advice about the specific kind of skin care that you require.

This is usually in line with the atmosphere and environment that you live in, allowing the sensor on the wearable product to sense what kind of harm you are exposed to on a daily basis.

There are several forms that wearables can take such as masks, patches and clothes, all infused with wearable technology.

Do Wearables Work?

There is not enough research about wearables, especially when it comes to anti-aging technologies or even wearable devices for older populations. Their usage across the world is also quite limited so far, even though this technology has managed to populate the world in other spheres of life.

Limited options and limited availability of such anti-aging wearables, along with insufficient research and knowledge about them, make it difficult to understand their effectiveness.

Yet, with the right amount of research and application along with how certain wearables have already performed in the market, it can become clear that these wearables can certainly prove to be effective when it comes to taking measurements, recording data and providing custom skincare guidance to wearers.

Of course, while they might not be able to slow down the natural aging process in the body, they might be able to help you deal with premature aging.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Due to insufficient research, there isn’t enough clarity about the benefits and risks involved here. However, some potential matters of concern can include:

  • Inadequate research
  • Health concerns due to the wearable sensors
  • Inaccurate readings and measurements
  • Lack of acceptance of new technology, especially among aging populations
  • Discomfort
Wearables and Anti Aging

Types Of Wearables

There are several types of wearables that beauty and skincare brands have either already developed or are in the process of researching and developing. You can go through some of these and what they entail below.


There are several wearable anti-aging masks that are equipped with various technologies such as bio-sensors, app tracking, light-emitting diodes (LED) and treatment options.

These 3D masks are usually made from silicone and can involve settings that can allow them to run for the required amount of time and at a certain temperature.

The sensors can track and monitor the condition of your skin and send the data to the associated app on your phone. Using these parameters and skin analysis, you can then choose from the recommended skincare products.

Many masks also have massagers and moisturizing functions of their own.

UV Patches

Ultraviolet (UV) exposure can account for as much as 80% of visible skin aging. With the planet heating up more and more, the risk of such UV exposure is much higher.

To help you deal with this, UV patches are meant to sense and track the amount of UV light you are exposed to and when so that you can then become aware of when and which sunscreen or other such skincare product to apply for protection.

These patches are usually small in size that you can stick on your palm or wear around your neck, depending on the form they take. Accompanying apps can then help you view the data along with the recommendations.


Some clothing options such as loungewear, athletic or activewear, pyjamas and others can come infused with vitamins, collagen, sun protection, pain-reducing cannabidiol (CBD) and other nourishing elements that can help tighten the skin and keep it healthy, reducing the chances of premature aging.

While there are already several brands out there that are selling these kinds of products while some are seeking ways to improve them, there is still not enough research about such clothing, although many researchers and professionals think that it can prove to be effective.

Such clothing, however, can only provide protection up to a certain number of washes.

Microcurrent Patches

Microcurrent patches serve to not only detect exposure levels when it comes to your skin but also provide their own treatment options. They can also help impart the effects of various anti-aging elements and skincare products in a more efficient manner.

These are usually thin and plaster-like patches that you can apply to a certain part of your skin, such as under your eyes.

Smart Skin

Smart or electronic skin is a thin patch that you can wear on your skin that can sense the condition of your skin and either recommend changes and options that you can try out or simply be able to provide treatment options through their own technology.

Such smart skin is still under research.

Are Wearables Available to Buy?

Some wearables are already commercially available such as masks, UV patches and infused clothing. Most of the others, however, are still being researched.

You should note that since this is a relatively recent technological advancement, it might still take some time for it to become fully accessible and available.

Wearables and Anti Aging: Final Remarks

Wearables come with sensors that can track the condition of your skin and then recommend or help treat various issues. You can wear them on a certain part of your skin and obtain the results in different ways, such as apps. Make sure you research the product and brand thoroughly before trying it out.

Rosemary Richards