Verified CBD Oil Review: Updated 2021

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Every now and then, a new ‘wonder drug’ is discovered. However, despite the hype, most are usually as useful as the proverbial snake oil. One wonder drug that isn’t actually a drug, but an all naturally developed supplement, that has lived up to its hype is “Verified CBD Oil“. And most excitingly, CBD products have just been legalized in all US States. Our Verified CBD Oil Review reveals that cannabidiol oil is the key that unlocks a naturally healthy lifestyle while providing solutions to a myriad of health problems.

Sadly, the Verified CBD Products have been withdrawn from sale.
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What CBD product is right for you:

Verified CBD Products Review

Verified CBD Oil Tincture

Verified provides:

  • Isolate Tinctures: Isolates contain CBD alone and none of the other compounds found in the hemp plant. If you want to avoid THC altogether, an isolate is a good choice.
  • Full Spectrum Tinctures: These products contain all the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant. This includes trace amounts of THC, but there’s not enough THC to cause you to get high.

The tinctures are available in one-ounce bottles and natural flavors only. The strengths vary from very low at 1.7% or 500 mg to very high at 12% or 3,500 mg. Take a few drops under the tongue a day to experience the medical benefits.

Verified CBD Capsules

If you often travel or don’t like the taste of the tinctures, capsules might prove a better option. There are no messes or spills with this method of delivery.

It’s also a way of simplifying the dose. Instead of working out how many drops to take daily, simply pop a capsule or two.

This product comes in two strengths, 10mg or 25 mg capsules. Choose between a soft gel or a regular tablet.

You’ll have to experiment with the time you take your dose. CBD oil taken under the tongue is absorbed in the system faster, but other forms must work their way through the digestive tract first.

Verified CBD Creams

CBD is readily absorbed through the skin, providing topical relief from pain and inflammation. If you’re treating a specific injury like a sprain, creams offer almost instant relief. The nutrients in the creams also make your skin look vibrant and healthy.

They’re a good alternative for those that don’t like the taste of CBD oil.

Verified has two creams:

  • Anti-Aging: Containing CBD and anti-aging stem cells, this product boosts skin regeneration. It nourishes the skin and balances out imperfections. Incorporate it into your daily skin regimen for clear, beautiful skin.
  • Heat Rub: This cream is highly concentrated to relieve aching muscles, ease spasms, and soothe neuralgia. Apply as necessary for pain relief.

Verified CBD Gummies

Verified CBD Gummies are specially formulated to taste great. The company mixes in natural fruit juice to disguise the taste and create a convenient delivery system.

This product comes in two strengths: 20 mg or 25 mg per gummy. They look like any other candy, so no one will know you’re topping off your dose.

Gummies are ideal for maintenance doses throughout the day. The capsules are, however, a better delivery system.

The gummies contain sugar and are digested within the stomach. The capsules have an enteric coating that helps them dissolve more slowly. If you’re treating a chronic condition, the pills are the better option.

Verified CBD Sprays

A CBD spray is a relatively new method to use. It’s highly effective as one spray delivers a metered dose. It’s the same formulation that Verified uses for its tinctures, aerosolized for convenience.

Simply spray it under the tongue and sit back and wait for it to take effect.

The initial dose is two sprays, so it’s a low-dose product.

As you take it sublingually, it acts quite quickly. Give it about twenty to thirty minutes to take effect.

It won’t make you sleepy, but it will help you relax and naturally fall asleep more quickly.

CBD Pets

Dogs also benefit from taking CBD oil as their endocannabinoid system is quite similar to our own. They shouldn’t, however, take the same dosage or concentration that we do.

It’s for this reason that Verified created its range of pet products. Choose to give your pup a yummy treat if they’re a fussy eater or the oil if that’s easier.

The dosage depends on the delivery method and the weight of the dog.

You may give them between 0.5 mg to 5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight per day. As with humans, start with the lowest dose and increase if necessary.

The Many Ailments That May Be Relieved By CBD Oil Include:

In addition, CBD has also been shown to promote heart health, bone growth, reduce stress and a whole lot of lifestyle benefits

So What Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the various ways of consuming cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant (commonly called marijuana or hemp). Cannabidiol does not have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) so it doesn’t get you high or stoned. This has made it possible for you to enjoy the great benefits of this nature’s gift without both legal complications and the potential issues from THC.

About “Verified” CBD Oil Company

Verified CBD Oil is extracted from industrial hemp and considered a herbal supplement and therefore is now legal in all states of the US.

Based in Miami, Florida, “Verified CBD” makes their CBD product by employing the most stringent standards and procedures that will give you a premium herbal supplement. Unlike a lot of other suppliers the Verified company does pharmaceutical-grade testing  to ensure the product is pure and there are no abnormalities.

They have their own in-house chemist and research and development team and their facilities have a “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) rating which is enforced by the FDA. Very few CBD Oil manufacturers have this rating.

The feedback and reviews from customers have been glowing. Most of them reported improvement of their condition within weeks of taking CBD Oil.  They report that they have over 76,500 happy customers.  This is a lot of feedback and something we are always looking for when recommending a product.

Can “Verified”CBD Oil Help If You Suffer From Any Of These Ailments?

The thing I like is that Verified has not only developed a pure CBD oil product, they have also developed products that are designed specifically to help some individual ailments.

Natural Pain Relief Or Anti-inflammatory Properties:

Users of CBD Oil have generally confirmed that it helps with pain reduction and has effective anti-inflammatory properties.

This study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine  revealed that CBD greatly reduced chronic inflammation and pain in some rats and mice. The researchers concluded that CBD oils could offer a new more natural way to suppress pain and inflammation.

The Verified CBD brand has created their own specially formulated Pain Relief Spray that has the following ingredients

These extra ingredients boost the already impressive results of the CBD oil. They're not saying that their CBD product will cure or prevent pain and inflammation however, there is plenty of evidence that CBD oil products will assist greatly in reducing pain to manageable levels.

Addiction And Substance Abuse:

glowing cigarette wth smoke

CBD Oil capsules have been found to help some people to stop smoking. There is some scientific backing to this as a study published in Addictive Behaviors found that smokers who used an inhaler containing the compound CBD smoked fewer cigarettes while having greatly reduced nicotine craving at the same time.

A similar study, this time on opioids also found that CBD might be effective in reducing dependency for those who abuse opioids.

Researchers observed that the anxiety, mood symptoms, pain and insomnia which afflict people suffering from substance abuse could be reduced by CBD.

This invariably means that CBD Oil could offer a drug freel solution for withdrawal symptoms.

Epilepsy And Other Mental Health Disorders:

CBD’s role in relieving epilepsy and neuropsychiatric disorders is a subject of recent research.

There’s a review published in Epilepsia which states that CBD has demonstrated anti-seizure properties and a substantially low risk of side effects for people with epilepsy.

Further studies on the effect of CBD on neurological disorders shows promising results in reducing seizures linked to epilepsy like neuro-degeneration, neuronal injury, and psychiatric diseases.

Further study published in Current Pharmaceutical Design found that CBD oils may act in much the same way as certain antipsychotic drugs and the same time  be safe and effective for patients with schizophrenia.

CBD And Cancer:

magnifying glass showing the word "Cancer"

Studies have been carried out on the efficacy of CBD as a means of assisting in the recovery of cancer patients. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a review which shows that CBD seems to inhibit cancer cells from spreading. The CBD was also observed to suppress the growth of cancerous cells and facilitate their death.

Researchers note that CBD may help because of its low toxicity levels. There have been calls for it to be studied along with standard cancer treatments, to check for synergistic effects.

Anxiety Disorders:

Anxiety infographic

THC in cannabis can worsen symptoms of patients with chronic anxiety and are best avoided, however CBD Oil does not have THC.

However, a review from Neurotherapeutics indicates that CBD may offer some relief to patients with nervous disorders.

Since CBD has no known side effects, unlike the current drugs being used, it offers a much better alternative therapy. The researchers recommend further studies to be carried out on CBD because of its encouraging potentials. Verified has created a specific product for Anti-Anxiety and stress. You can find more details here.

CBD Oil And Type 1 Diabetes:

Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation  published  research on the anti-inflammation properties of CBD. Since type 1 diabetes is caused by inflammation in the pancreas due to attack by the body’s immune system, a CBD-based protocol might be the future of type for 1 diabetes.


female face with acne

CBD could be a used to alleviate acne which is mostly caused by inflammation and overworked sebaceous glands in the body.

In a recent study posted to the Journal of Clinical Investigation , it was noted that CBD helps to slow the production of sebum which causes acne, probably due to its anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Alzheimer's Disease:

The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease published a research which indicated that CBD was effective in preventing the advance of social recognition deficit in patients.

This is remarkable because it means that CBD could possibly help people in the early stages of Alzheimer's to retain their ability to recognize the faces of people they know. This shows that CBD could be used in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and symptoms.

Oxidative Stress:

Oxidative stress is believed to hasten the ageing process and to be the root cause of a variety of illnesses, especially neurodegenerative diseases like  Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, atherosclerosis, and heart disorders.

CBD oil extracted from hemp has antioxidant effects and acts as a chemical free neuroprotective agent, reducing the effects of oxidative stress and preventing neurodegenerative diseases.

CBD Oil And Obesity:

3 obese women

Numerous research has shown CBD to be capable of combating obesity in various ways.

CBD controls appetite and blood sugar levels. It works on a cellular level to activate genes responsible for the breakdown of fat cells.

Additionally, it improves the fat-burning capabilities of the mitochondria. CBD has also been shown to slow down the production of fat cells. Verified created a special product to assist with weight loss.  The ingredients are:

  • Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol
  • Potassium
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Hydroxycitric Acid
  • Mirenat
  • Malic Acid

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Sleep And Sleep Disorders:

alarm clock reading 10 past 2

CBD reduces anxiety and in reducing anxiety it allows you to get to sleep and also stay asleep. It also reduces pain which can often keep us up at night.

There is also some evidence that it can assist with REM sleep disorders, therefore improving the quality of your sleep. Verified CBD have created a specialist product to assist you to get to sleep and stay asleep.  Check it out here


graphic about Depression and Hopelessness

Depression is a mood disorder that is characterized by feelings of prolonged sadness, lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities, listlessness, and loss of energy.

Depression severely impairs your ability to carry out everyday activities and function normally. It is a devastating medical condition that is common and sometimes leads to suicide.

The current treatment for depression involves the use of antidepressants and psychotherapy. While antidepressants might relieve the symptoms of depression, it has been linked to many unpleasant outcomes including suicide.

Since the isolation of THC in the 60’s and the subsequent discovery of the role of the Endocannabinoid System in the human body, there has been a growing body of scientific studies on the possibility of harnessing the effects of cannabinoids on the Endocannabinoid System as an alternative way of dealing with depression.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is responsible for regulating many bodily functions. It actively affects your mood and related conditions. Researchers have discovered that cannabinoids, because of their close similarity to the body produced endocannabinoid can cause changes in the ECS.

Our CBD of choice- Verified CBD Oil brand is specially extracted and processed to of the highest quality to target neurotransmitter of the ECS responsible for mood regulation and is quite effective in relieving the dark, heavy symptoms of depression, leaving you happier and full of life.


Autism is a developmental disorder which makes it difficult for children to communicate and interact socially amongst other developmental disabilities. It affects 1 in 68 children in the US and is a distressing illness that takes a toll on the patients and parents or caregivers.

Autism is usually treated symptomatically with antipsychotic drugs which aren't always effective and could have dangerous down sides.

But did you know CBD could help?

Studies have linked the diagnosis of autism to the presence of excess specific compounds and CB2 receptors. The researchers noted that the effect of Neuroligin-3 – a genetic mutation believed to cause autism also interfered with communication in the ECS.

Since CBD has a major effect on the body’s ECS, it follows that its use has shown remarkable possible therapeutic benefits in the management of autism. Preclinical trials observed that CBD remarkably reduced the incidence of seizures and other debilitating symptoms of autism in children.

The Verified CBD oil brand is the best CBD oil for relieving symptoms of Autism. Extracted from high-quality hemp and non-psychoactive, it is all natural and doesn’t have any downsides.

Crohn's Disease:

graphic depicting the lower bowel

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory bowel disease which causes inflammation of the digestive tract resulting in abdominal pain, diarrhoea, fatigue, weight loss, and malnutrition. Crohn's disease causes incapacitating pain and in more severe cases could cause life-threatening complications.

Crohn's disease is a chronic disease with no known cure. Currently, treatment is aimed at reducing the inflammation and pain.

Studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system helps control the functions of the digestive system. This makes the ECS a prime target for therapeutic interventions in the management of Crohn’s disease. Also, CBD has well established anti-inflammatory properties which could be of benefit the sufferers of Crohn’s disease by reducing inflammation.

In a research published by Pharmacology, CDB was confirmed to remarkably relieve the symptoms of Crohn's disease. Although the exact mechanism is not yet clear, scientists believe it was likely due to CBD’s effect on cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2.

Verified CBD oil may be of benefit to those suffering from Crohn's disease mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

What Are The Side Effects Of Verified CBD Oil?

Before trying a new wellness supplement product, you should always research the potential downsides. The Verified CBD Oil brand has zero negative side effects. It’s completely natural and doesn’t contain THC.

Do I Need A Prescription From A Doctor To Get CBD Oil?

The Cannabidiol oil is not a drug, it is a 100% natural herbal extract so you do not need a prescription from a doctor.  You can easily buy the oil on line and have it delivered to your door.  Please check the requirements of your state re ordering CBD oil online.

Our content however, does not constitute a medical consultation. You should seek out a certified medical professional to help you diagnose, treat, cure and prevent your particular symptoms and condition.

How To Use Verified CBD Oil

Verified CBD Oil can be used in various ways.  They have drops and creams.  You will need to check each product for the exact dosage.  For drops, simply add the required number of drops under the tongue and leave for a short period of time.

What's The Best Time Of Day To Take CBD Oil?

This so much depends on what you are taking it for.  A lot of it is around when you need it.  You may be in pain, so that's the time to slip some drops under your tongue.  If you have trouble sleeping, you can take it an hour or 2 before bed as the oil can take a little while to kick-in.  If the CBD Oil is for more medical conditions such as epilepsy, then we highly recommend you find a qualified Doctor who also understands CBD oil and can help you work out often you may need to take it.

Verified CBD Oil Review: Final Verdict

As one of the top CBD producers in Florida, Verified takes great pride in producing top-grade products. It sources its hemp from US owned, organically managed farms. They’ve worked hard to ensure that their products contain every ounce of goodness.

The firm’s FDA-monitored GMP rating and in-house testing ensure that their product meets their quality standards. Unlike some other brands, the strict adherence to quality standards means that you get what’s on the label.

Clients that have found CBD oil disappointing in the past are usually astounded when trying the Verified range. With the current general lack of regulation in the industry, it’s easy to pass off a sub-standard product as legitimate. Worse yet, a cottage industry has sprung over the last few years. These independent producers have great intentions but seldom the adequate resources to pull them off.

The result is a variety of products that either contain little active CBD or too much THC. Sticking with a company that submits its range for rigorous testing before going to market is a far safer option.

Verified provides a range of products in differing strengths and forms to meet every need. You may choose between an isolate or a full-spectrum product, depending on your condition.

The delivery method you choose depends on your condition. If you are looking for the strongest, most effective product for a chronic condition, tinctures are at the top of the list.

Gummies provide a fun alternative for younger people who need a simple delivery system. While the dose per candy is low, it’s high enough for effective maintenance. The spray offers a similar low-dose solution to help you relax and fall asleep at night.

The creams are a useful product to keep on hand. The skin cream is moisturizing and keeps your skin healthy, and the pain relief cream is helpful when you’ve had a hard workout.

The capsules are the closest to the tincture in strength and effect. They’re a convenient alternative, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for them to take effect.


The Verified CBD Brand is one of the best cannabidiol brands on the market. Presented in various formulations to suit consumers individual preferences, it offers relief to a host of health problems in a safe and natural way. The product does not contain THC and is therefore legal in all 50 states.  The Verified company has excellent customer service and the quality control is first class, so you can be sure you'll receive a quality product when you order. We highly recommend this product 

CBDfx Gummies

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  • Tasty multi-berry flavour and chewy texture

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