The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin D3 Everyday

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Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient and has many health benefits. Not getting enough vitamin D3 can cause many different problems like bone issues, low immunity and weak muscles.

The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin D3 Everyday

Let us take a look at how vitamin D3 impacts our health and how to safely include it in our daily diet:

What Is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is of 2 kinds, D2 and D3. The main function of vitamin D is to help our body process and absorb calcium and phosphates. You might be eating food rich in calcium and phosphates, but your body won’t be able to use them without vitamin D.

Vitamin D2 naturally occurs in plant sources whereas D3 is formed naturally in our skin through sunlight exposure. Vitamin D3 is also found in animals.

Either of the two can be used to fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin D. Medical professionals have found vitamin D3 to be more effective than D2 as it is better at increasing the vitamin D level in the body and stays in your system for a longer time.

Health Benefits Of Vitamin D3

There are many reported health benefits of vitamin D3. It impacts many different essential functions in the body and helps improve our overall health. Here are some health benefits of including vitamin D3 in your diet:

Improves Bone Health

Improving bone strength is one of the most prominent health benefits of vitamin D3. Since it helps the body process and absorb calcium and phosphates, it has a direct impact on our bones.

These compounds help improve the density of our bones and teeth and improve their overall strength.

If your vitamin D levels are low, your body starts absorbing calcium from your bones, which makes them weaker. Getting your daily dose of vitamin D helps prevent your bones from getting weaker.

Can Help Build Muscle

Regular consumption of vitamin D3 has been linked to stronger muscles. Researchers have found that people with high vitamin D3 levels consistently have greater muscle strength.

The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin B3 Everyday

They also had better overall fitness levels, better muscle mass and greater functionality in muscles.

Strengthens Immunity

Increasing your vitamin D3 levels has been observed to strengthen the immune system and improve the body’s natural response to viral or bacterial infections. Studies have found it to be especially useful in fighting diseases in the respiratory tract like pneumonia.

It is also important to know that vitamin D was also found to be effective in fighting COVID-19. People with low levels of vitamin D had a lower chance of recovery as compared to those with higher vitamin D levels.

May Help Fight Depression

There is a correlation between low vitamin D levels and depression. The reason behind this phenomenon is not yet clear.

It is possible that either reduced vitamin D levels make you prone to depression or depression makes you adopt unhealthy eating habits, thereby dropping vitamin D levels.

There is a strong likelihood that increasing your vitamin D intake can help fight depression. It can be used for the treatment of depression too, but more research is needed to determine the form and dosage.

May Help Fight Cancer

Vitamin D3 could be helpful in fighting cancer. Studies have found it effective in fighting certain kinds of cancers like prostate cancer.

Vitamin D consumption combined with an increase in fiber intake can help prevent the growth of polyps which could turn into colon cancer.

Vitamin D has also been observed to be useful in preventing breast cancer. More research is needed to determine the exact role of vitamin D in fighting cancer and the forms of cancer it is capable of fighting.

Foods With Vitamin D3

There are many foods that are rich in vitamin D3. Getting your daily dose of vitamin D3 through food is the best way to naturally increase your intake of vitamin D.

Fish like fresh salmon, halibut, mackerel and sardines are excellent sources of vitamin D3. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Cod liver oil is also a good source of vitamin D3.

The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin B3 Everyday

Cow’s milk, fortified milk, cheese and butter are everyday food items that can help you increase your vitamin D3. Beef liver and egg yolks are also rich in vitamin D3.

Since it is found in animal sources or animals, vegetarians or vegans may find it difficult to get their daily dose of vitamin D3 through food. Portabella mushrooms and almond, soy or oat milk can increase your vitamin D3 intake.

You can also consider supplements or increasing the amount of time you spend in the sun.

Daily Recommended Dose Of Vitamin D3

According to the USDA, 600 international units of vitamin D3 is a suitable daily dose for adults. Children are recommended to take 400 IU of vitamin D3 and seniors above the age of 70 can take between 600 and 800 IU of vitamin D3.

The maximum amount of vitamin D3 a human being can handle in a day is 4,000 UI. If you are trying to increase your vitamin D3 intake, you should try including the above foods in your diet.

It can be difficult to raise vitamin D3 levels through food. Supplements and getting more sunlight are also good ways of increasing your D3 intake.

Side Effects Of Vitamin D3

There are no serious side effects of vitamin D3. If you are allergic to it, you might experience swelling, hives or strained breathing.

If you constantly have a metallic taste in your mouth, experience nausea, weight loss, muscle pain or constipation, you may be suffering from an overdose of vitamin D3.

Most people do not experience any side effects at all or only experience very mild side effects.

The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin B3 Everyday: Wrapping Up

It can get confusing to keep track of all the different vitamins that are beneficial for you. Vitamin D is an important nutrient and important for many essential body functions.

Vitamin D3 is a more efficient way of getting vitamin D, which is why people prefer it over vitamin D2.

You can rely on natural ways like food or sunlight to increase your D3 intake or turn to supplements—you will continue to enjoy the health benefits as long as you get your daily recommended dose of vitamin D.

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