4 Senior-Friendly Technology Options To Keep Families Connected

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If you are approaching retirement, you may be wondering what you can do to live a healthy lifestyle in the years to come. Longevity 120 can give you advice on everything from diet to mental health to exercise. But having a strong social circle is also essential for seniors who want to stay healthy as they age. Knowing that you are supported by your loved ones is the key to enjoying your golden years to the fullest.

Unfortunately, many seniors find themselves lonely, especially if their friends and relatives move away from their neighborhood or if they relocate to save money in retirement. What’s the solution? Turning to senior friendly technology! With these tips, seniors will be able to select user-friendly devices that will allow them to chat with their loved ones anytime they want.

1. The Right Computer

For any senior who wants to stay in touch with their friends and family members, a computer is a must. You may already have a computer, but if your monitor is out of date and no longer running at full capacity, you might want to begin researching other models. By taking advantage of online deals and discounts [1] you can score great prices on desktops and laptops from a wide variety of top manufacturers.

There are countless models on the market, so if you’re having trouble deciding on a particular computer, take time to do a little additional research. Love to Know recommends [2] choosing a computer with an operating system you’re already familiar with. If you need a portable device, select a laptop rather than a desktop.

Alternatively, you might be interested in buying a tablet. A tablet is easy to carry around, and you can use it for everything from video chatting to sending emails to reading your favorite novels. When purchasing a tablet, you’ll want to look for a lightweight model [3] that offers large text options. You can also shop online for tablets, which will allow you to enjoy lower prices.

2. High-Quality Webcam

If you plan to use your new computer primarily for video chatting with friends and family, you may also want to consider investing in an external webcam. Yes, chances are your computer has a built-in webcam, but you may not be satisfied with the video quality. Having a webcam that provides great visuals is especially important for seniors who wear glasses or contacts.

If you’ve never bought a webcam before, you may be confused about which features to look for. Don’t rush to buy the first webcam that looks good — these devices can be expensive, so doing your research beforehand is key. For instance, Interesting Things suggests [4] finding a webcam with a relatively high resolution and a built-in, high-quality microphone. You should also look for a webcam with a sturdy, well-designed mounting system so that you can easily install it. And finally, don’t forget about privacy — prioritize buying a webcam with a physical cover so that you can block the lens when it is not in use.

3. Basic Smartphone

Today, even seniors can easily learn to use smartphones. In fact, many seniors already have smartphones and enjoy how these devices allow them to communicate with their loved ones wherever they go. If you do not have a smartphone yet, it might finally be time to get one.

For some seniors, the thought of using a smartphone is a little intimidating — if you don’t understand their basic features, it can be confusing. That’s why it’s important to shop around to find a phone that was designed with your needs in mind.

What should you look for when searching [5] for your perfect smartphone? Think about finding a phone that will be easy to physically handle — it should suit your grip. Furthermore, you should also check out accessibility features. For instance, can you enlarge the buttons and text for better visibility? Can you raise the volume to a level that makes it easy for you to hear? If you use a hearing aid, you should also make sure that the phone will be compatible with it. Finally, make sure that the phone enables talk-to-text. This will allow you to simply state what you would like your text messages to say without pressing any buttons on the keypad.

4. Convenient Smart Speaker

When you were younger, did you ever imagine that one day you would live in a high-tech home of the future? By investing in a smart speaker, you can make that dream come true. While creating a complete smart home might be out of your budget range right now, there are so many smart speakers on the market that you’re bound to find one at a reasonable price point.

When it comes to choosing a smart speaker [6], you should pay close attention to the overall sound quality. [7] Today, the latest models provide superior audio, so spending a little more on a newer product might be a smart investment.

The most important aspect of your smart speaker is the digital assistant. Whether you need to ask your smart speaker about the weather or you need to get in touch with a loved one before you head out the door, a simple request is all it takes.

There’s no easier way to call up a friend or family member.

While you might need assistance to set up your smart speaker, this device is very simple to use because it is primarily voice-controlled, making it a great choice for seniors.

Staying in touch with family and friends is the secret to having a truly joyful retirement. There is nothing like spending time with the people you love the most, but if you can’t see them in person, today’s technology will allow you to see their faces and hear their voices. By investing in these devices, you can stay up-to-date with everything going on in your loved ones’ lives!

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