Rootine Personalized Daily Vitamin Review Updated: 2021

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Do you want to achieve optimal wellness, but are unsure where to start? You’re not alone. In this day and age, getting credible information about nutrition is challenging. Hope you get a lot of value from our Rootine Vitamins review.

How Do You Get All The Nutrients That Your Body Needs?

The answer to that depends on whom you ask, and this makes it tricky to answer. Everyone has an opinion, and these opinions might be wildly divergent. Rootine offers a unique solution – customized supplementation.

Did they hit the mark or miss it altogether? In this review of the Rootine Personalized Daily Vitamin, we’ll answer that question.

Rootine Vitamins Review Overview

What sets Rootine’s product apart is that it’s completely customized. Using a lifestyle questionnaire, DNA testing, and an optional blood test, Rootine figures out what vitamins you need daily. It’s a smart way of hacking supplementation.

The questionnaire highlights special needs dependent on your lifestyle. Someone working behind a desk all day might require more B vitamins than someone who’s retired, for example. Everyone’s lifestyle is unique, so it’s essential to make this differentiation.

The DNA test looks at specific genetic mutations. Whether used for dietary requirements or not, this is interesting to learn. By checking the DNA, you’ll learn if there are genes that predispose you to have a particular medical condition. You might, for example, be predisposed to process a vitamin less efficiently than most. Understanding this will enable you to counter it.

The blood test is optional, but it makes sense to have it done. The blood test assesses the levels of 80 different metabolites. These give you a better insight into potential health issues present now.

Pros And Cons

There are no perfect systems in this world. Rootine has covered many bases, but have they accounted for everything? Let’s check the pros and cons.


  • No other multivitamins offer a supplement based on DNA
  • Science-based doses mean you get no more or less than you need
  • The slow-release microbead formula is easy to ingest
  • Made using vegetarian ingredients of the highest grade


  • It takes between three and five weeks to get the results of your tests
  • The tests are pricey to start with

More energy

I’ve been taking Rootine for about a month. I can tell a big difference in my energy levels. Because of Rootine’s use of DNA results, I found out that using Omega vitamins has the potential of raising my cholesterol levels. I immediately stopped using them. I get blood work done in a couple of months so it will be interesting to see if it helps.

Lori – March 2020

Product Claims – Features And Benefits

The company claims to analyze those factors that most directly impact the nutrient needs of the human body. They test more than 50 genes and 80 metabolites. They provide a highly targeted nutrient mix that addresses the issues that your body has.

They claim that:

  • Their lab processes over 200,000 tests per month
  • They deliver precise micro-doses down to the microgram
  • Rootine uses an algorithm that adjusts the formulation over time
  • They provide high-quality ingredients
  • Their supplements are slow-release over ten hours

Does It Work?

User reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Most users claim to see a difference from the first day.

Anecdotal Evidence Aside – Is The Science Sound?

The formulation is based on the science of Nutritional Genomics also known as nutrigenetics.

Nutrigenetics is a relatively new field of study, and, naturally, has seen its fair share of controversy. Proponents believe that we can influence how disease develops through understanding what conditions a person is predisposed to have.

They believe that knowing this information allows patients to make dietary changes to reduce their risk of developing a condition. For those who’ve already developed a hereditary disease, optimal nutrition helps you to manage the symptoms.

Opponents say that it’s not possible to influence genetic predispositions through diet alone.

Who’s Right?

Both groups make good points. Diet alone won’t allow you to achieve optimal health. Our health is also dependent on the exercise we get, and how often we socialize with others.

On the other hand, it’s far easier to make healthy food choices and to motivate yourself when your body has all the micronutrients that it needs.

Is this a magic pill to offset bad lifestyle choices? No. You can’t expect any supplement to make up for long nights, eating all the wrong things, or excessive smoking or drinking. You’ll need to make some lifestyle changes.

The primary advantage of Rootine is that it provides a thorough analysis of your DNA and bloodwork. You might find out about genetic markers that you were previously unaware of. You’ll learn more about why you’re not in optimal health right now.

More importantly, you’ll have a benchmark against which to measure your progress. You may opt to redo the bloodwork periodically to see if the nutrient imbalances have righted themselves. No other customized product on the market offers this level of detail.

Tailored to ME!!

Been very happy with the results I've seen from the Rootine program of matched vitamins. My blood work results have improved and I have a better overall feeling of well-being. It's great having a customized vitamin program that is DNA specific to my individual needs. Highly recommend!!

Keith – Sep 2020


Your daily dose of vitamins comes in the form of beeswax-coated microbeads. These microbeads are made out of around about 90% of naturally-sourced ingredients. There are no unnecessary colorants, flavors, or fillers.

The beads are small, making them ideal for those who don’t like taking tablets or capsules. The slow-release formulation allows for a sustained dose throughout the day rather than a once-off hit in the morning.

The beads can be swallowed or sprinkled over yogurt (or any other food that doesn’t require chewing). If you take them correctly, they’re tasteless. If you chew them, you won’t enjoy the flavor.

The Company Provides Exact Doses Of Each Of The Following Ingredients:

  • Alpha-lipoic acid


  • Coenzyme Q10


  • Folic acid


  • Magnesium


  • MSM


  • Selenium

    Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B2

    Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin D3

  • Vitamin E


Side Effects. Is it Safe?

Yes. Far safer than grabbing a bottle of supplements from Amazon or off the shelf at your local store. As the nutrients are tailored to your exact needs, there are no extra vitamins for the body to process. In the case of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin E, this is essential.

With water-soluble vitamins, like Vitamin C, any excess is simply flushed out of the body. Fat-soluble vitamins, however, are stored in the body’s fatty tissue. If you repeatedly consume excessive amounts of these vitamins, they can build to toxic levels in the body.

Another plus on the safety front is that the company doesn’t use fillers or colorants. Many companies bulk out their products with fillers that do little for your body. Some might even use dangerous fillers and colorants. However, these microbeads are pure nutrition for your body.

Excellent Option

I'm happy with the scientific approach and quality vitamins. Customer service is top-notch.

Jason – Oct 2020

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Each box contains 30 sachets. You take one sachet a day, so it couldn’t be easier.

Rootine Vitamins features and benefits

Information About The Rootine Vitamins Company

Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer and Rachel Sanders launched the company in 2018. They’d been developing the concept over ten years prior to the launch. The combination of Daniel’s experience as a genetic scientist and Rachel’s business experience proved a winner for the company.

They started this business because they weren’t able to find a customizable supplement option. Companies offering this service at the time customized their client’s supplements using a questionnaire.

The scientist in Daniel felt that there was a better way. Rootine was born as a result. It took some time to tweak the algorithm perfectly, but the team is confident that they’ve gotten it right.

Rootine Vitamins Review: Final Thoughts

The only real obstacle we see here is the initial cost. Is it worth paying that much money for a custom vitamin? We believe that it is.

With this solution, you’re not paying for vitamins that you don’t need. You’re not endangering yourself by taking too many vitamins. Finally, it’s hard to say what optimal nutrition means for most people. The RDA is only a rough guideline.

With this solution, you know what nutrients your body needs. The Rootine Personalized Daily Vitamin takes the guesswork out of how to achieve wellness.

In our opinion, it’s an approach that more companies will adopt over time.

Rootine Vitamins Review

Rootine Vitamin

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Science-based doses
  • Slow-release microbead formula
  • Vegetarian ingredients
Rosemary Richards