HerSolution Review: Does It Really Work?

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Everyone directly associates lubrication and wetness in sexual contexts with arousal and readiness. That is why “vaginal dryness” is a common barrier to sexual pleasure. Vaginal dryness is a condition that can happen to women of all ages. It usually comes with feeling discomfort during sex, a sensation of soreness and itchiness around the vagina, and sometimes an irregular need to pee. 

 While aging and menopause are possible causes for vaginal dryness, many other factors can lead to the same condition in women, such as breastfeeding, using antidepressants, taking birth control pills, applying scented soap, or simply not being excited during sex. All these causes have one thing in common; reduction in the amount of fluid discharge in the vagina.  

Her Solution is a Natural Women's Supplement and we investigate whether it works so that you get the best information on whether this supplement actually works.

What Is HerSolution, & Why Is It Different?

HerSolution is a natural libido supplement that you can combine with their HerSolution arousal gel. There are lots of gels and lubricants in the stores, many of them are almost the same. What makes HerSolution Gel different is that it is combined with a supplement. Both products have a unique natural formula claimed to work efficiently with low libido and severe vaginal dryness.  

HerSolution Gel is special in that it avoids harmful chemicals and is complemented with a daily sexual health supplement that naturally affect the causes of vaginal dryness for a long-term sustainable health solution.  

The product has been on the market for about ten years now, and it has been featured in the famous talk show “The Doctors,” which is a massive endorsement for the product .  

Summary Of Pros And Cons 

After examining what the producers claim and the reviews of some users, we can summarize the pros and cons of the product as follows:  


  • Supplement and Vaginal Gel
  • Safe natural ingredients 
  • Double impact: Lubrication and arousal  
  • Long sustainable effect  
  • Comprehensive solution for long-term vaginal health  
  • Trusted producer with history in the market 
  • 67 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee.


  • Although the Gel works immediately when you apply it, you may have to wait between 7 to 60 days for the Supplement to fully work.

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HerSolution Review

HerSolution is a product that promises to fight back vaginal dryness and bring fun back to your sexual life.  

Who Is Behind HerSolution?  

HerSolution is one of the bestsellers from Leading Health Edge. The company is specialized in Anti-aging, sexual health, and self-care products for women and men. It dedicates its business to sourcing, testing, and formulating natural anti-aging products.  

The company has over 20 years of experience. It commits itself to produce in the United States, comply with CGMP, test products to comply with ingredients freshness and purity.  

Popular products of the same company are GenF20PlusBrainPill, and TestRX.  

Product Claims: What To Expect  

The producers of HerSolution are very confident about their product. They promise quite bold claims of how their product can help you regain your sexual life. They even offer a brave 67 Days cash back guarantee if you tried their products, and it didn't work for you as promised.  

But what do they actually promise HerSolution customers? 

  1. Expanded Sexual Desire. Just using the product is supposed to kick off your appetite for sex. This claim is based on the supplement improving your health and the after-effect sensations that the gel brings once applied around the vaginal area. 
  2. Diminished Dryness. This is the primary effect and anticipation of this product. It promises a quick improvement in difficult vaginal dryness conditions. The producers of HerSolution sees that dryness is caused physically, and they target it by mimicking the body's natural lubrication so early in the sexual intercourse.  
  3. Boosted Sexual Sensations. This benefit is the guarantee for fun. Many lubes in the market can provide enough fluid to a dry vagina, sometimes even too much lubrication, but many fail to turn that flood of juices into sexual pleasure. Both the Supplement and the HerSolution Gel includes ingredients that trigger sexual sensations on the vaginal surfaces, thus doubling the effects.  
  4. Earlier Arousal. That tackles one of the most common frustrations and reasons for sexual dissatisfaction caused by vaginal dryness. The lubrication effect, the heat, and the arousal sensations aim to cut the usual frustrating period of feeling cold after foreplay. HerSolution promises quick sexual arousal from the first touch.  

Ingredients Of HerSolution Gel

HerSolution primarily contains natural compounds in its formulation with some essential pharmaceutical additions to ensure product safety and applicability.  

Here is a list of ingredients of the Vaginal Gel and short explanation of each:  

  1. L-Arginine. It is an amino acid that is normally made in the body to help build protein. The compound is found in fish, meat, poultry, whole grains, and other protein-rich foods. It is supposed to encourage blood flow to the vagina and clitoral regions when applied as part of the gel.  
  2. Natural Botanical Essences. The producers claim to have consulted herbal experts to pick a unique blend of botanical essences that can encourage sexual arousal.  
  3. Olive Squalene Oil. It is a lightweight and transparent oil which has no taste or odor. It is supposed to reflect a human compound responsible for moisturizing and protecting the skin. The oil shall soften the vaginal tissues and reduce inflammation.  
  4. Aloe Vera Extract. A very familiar gentle moisturizer.  
  5. Shea Butter. It is supposed to help soothe the vaginal area. This fat is widely used in cosmetics and known for its moisturizing and anti-irritation effect.  
  6. Purified Water. It is an essential part of the gel formulation. It is required to facilitate blood flow and lubrication of the vagina.  
  7. Cocoa Butter. Also called theobroma oil, it is an extract of the cocoa bean used in making chocolate. In this formulation, the cocoa butter helps lock in the moisture from the gel application, leading to extended periods of feeling wet.  
  8. Pharmaceutical Additions: The formulation also includes some essential compounds like Carbopol Ultrez polymer, which is a water-soluble polymer that gives a texture to the gel, Triethanolamine to help thicken the gel formula, and Menthol USP to kill bacteria and contribute to general vaginal health.  

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How To Use HerSolution Gel 

The formula of HerSolution works with you on four levels, building up to an ultimate climax.  

In step 1, with the first application of the gel on the vaginal area and clitoris, it gives an immediate rush of sensations, along with the lubrication; the gel should take away the dryness feeling.  

In step 2, ingredients like L-Arginine and shea butter enable the to push blood and fluid into the vagina and clitoris. In few seconds of this step, you should start having intensified sensations and pleasure.  

In step 3, the formulation shall make sure that you stay wet, warm, and excited. It ensures that the initial excitement remains and that dryness doesn't rebound during the lovemaking session.  

In step 4, it is all about the final climax. After all that build-up, HerSolution provides a final reward. It pushes you to an ultimate orgasm with more power and sensation than ever.  

Does It Really Work? 

The product claims are all very promising and offer an actual ultimate solution for the annoying vaginal dryness problem, but how real are they?  

This product has been in the market for years, which is a testament in itself of the results woman are getting. The product was also reviewed by the “The Doctors” TV show and they determined that HerSolution Gel had excellent ingredients to increase sex drive and combat Vaginal dryness in women.

When To Expect Results?  

While the HerSolution Gel should definitely deliver an instant result when applied. Using the HerSolution supplements might take betweem seven to sixty days to provide noticeable results on vaginal dryness and sexual arousal.  

The supplement product boosts the body's sexual capacity and compensates for nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance. The time to see a difference here depends on many lifestyle factors such as stress levels, diet, and physical activity. The healthier your lifestyle gets, the quicker the result is. 

Is HerSolution Safe To Use 

The company claims an absolute safety of the product with multiple production safety certifications. The ingredients published by the producer are mostly natural compounds and are commonly used in many cosmetics in the market.  

While some product reviews report some burning sensations when applying the gel, there are no serious adverse side effects seen in these reviews.  

HerSolution Review: Summing Up

We can generally assume the product safe to use for those who have no allergy to any of its compounds and are not undergoing any special medical conditions that restrict such products' application.  It also has a 67 day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose to give it a try and see if it works for you.


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Safe natural ingredients 
  • Double impact: Lubrication and arousal  
  • Long sustainable effect 

Al Feky