Diets And Healthy Food Choices: 7 Strategies For Successful Weight Loss

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In an era where processed foods, fast food and chemical products dominate, being on a diet means making the most of your food choices.

Whether you need to shed some pounds, want to become super healthy or slow down the aging process, having a healthy diet is one of the best ways to give your body what it needs and not damage yourself in the process.

Healthy Weight Loss Vs. Healthy Eating

There are two scenarios to the healthy eating story:

  • The one where you want to lose some weight – and do that through a healthy weight loss process
  • The one where you are satisfied with your weight but know you need to make some much healthier choices

Even though these may seem different to you at this point, they both include the same principles of healthy eating. Most importantly, having a healthy weight that is combined with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle will make getting older a lot more fun.

If you are treating your body well, it will reward you.

Healthy weight loss can be positive and transforming. It can shed off the pounds and ensure that they are not coming back (once a routine is established). However, the most important thing about healthy eating and weight loss is not just the lost pounds – but the actual nutritional value and the prevention of many diseases (through boosting your immunity) that come with it.

Healthy weight loss can also be slower because it is not connected to gimmicks and dangerous diets.  Also, it is important to understand that everyone's journey with healthy eating is individual.

woman making healthy food choices - eating a watermelon

The 7 Main Principles Of Healthy Food Choices (And Healthy Weight Loss)

The key to eating healthy and maintaining your weight is a plan that you stick to – and one that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Below, we are listing some points that can help you on this healthy mission:

1. Know Yourself

If you know yourself, you can plan your healthy eating mission and not even keep all kinds of foods that you know will be a temptation in the house. Eating healthy has a lot to do with establishing a mindset and saying no to cravings.

2. Give Veggies A Chance

If you have never been much of a fan of vegetables then now is the time to start. With a little attention to food preparation, you can make them taste delicious. Make sure you try and buy organic vegetables as the ones in the supermarkets are usually covered in chemicals and may have been in a cool store for up to 6 months!

3. Eat Healthy Meats

The school of thought that “meat is bad for you” is gone. Especially as we get older. red meat provides lots of iron to keep us healthy.  Just choose meat with less fat and again if possible, buy meat that is hormone free and grass fed.  Grain fed beef is a toxic bomb of chemicals. Read more about iron and the immune system here.

4. Healthy Fats

There is a lot of discussion on fats, however you need good servings of fats every day. Fats help the brain to function a lot better.  They also help to make you feel full so you end up eating a lot less food. The fats coming from avocados, nuts and olives and some nut oils as well as oily fish can reduce the risk of heart disease.  Fats are the new miracle cure for lots of ailments.

5. Watch Your Portions

The overall amount you consume has a lot to do with your weight. If you are on a healthy weight loss diet, it is essential that you consume less calories than the ones you burn. And as we get older we are less active so we need even less calories. Carbohydrates and processed foods actually make us constantly feel hungry without providing any real nutrition. Adding healthy fats to smaller meals will solve this problem.  Try it you will be so surprised. And once you add healthy fats to your diet, true hunger is a need but everything else is a state of mind.

6. Eat Your Calories (Don't Drink Them)

Another great tip for healthy weight loss is to eat the calories instead of drinking them – and swap the soda with water. A 150-calorie drink won't help you lose weight and definitely don’t replace your soda with diet soda. They are full of toxic chemicals that can have terrible affects on your health. If you drink soda, write down how many liters of soda a day you drink. I think you might be surprised.  If you just eliminated this one vice you would see an immediate change in your weight and your health.

7. Eliminate Packaged Food

Have you ever read the label on packaged food. There is rarely any real food, it is full of numbers. These numbers are just chemicals that the scientist have created to tantalize your taste buds into consuming way more of this food than you need.  It is now a multi-billion dollar business creating addictive tastes. As they say, don’t get me started!

In the end, you should embrace food as not only something that ‘keeps you full' – but as something that is good for you. After all, the point of food is to promote health and taste good. The right food that is organically grown will make you feel amazing, give you lots of energy and vitality and keep you disease free for much longer.

There are thousands of diets on the market but you need one that will improve your metabolism which then improves your ability to burn fat.

Rosemary Richards